Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 Texas 1840, Caleb Graham's next assignment as a Texas Ranger, is to remove blacksmith Rory Foster from government owned property. Caleb thinks it's going to be a simple job, until he meets Rory and all sense goes out the window.

Caleb Graham has been a Texas Ranger for four years now since leaving the bosom of the ever growing Graham family holding, the Circle Eight. The second son in the family of six, Caleb needed to break out of the confines of his family, make a name for himself and possibly find clues as to the whereabouts of his youngest brother, Benjy, who was kidnapped five years ago after his parents were murdered. Benjy's disappearance has left a rift in the family that Caleb is determined to heal.

Before Caleb goes off on his assignment, he stops by the Circle Eight to see his family, but guilt wracks his very being when he see how his siblings have grown and his sister-in-law pregnant with her third child. Yes, Caleb stays away for long periods of time from the family, using his Ranger work as his excuse.

When Caleb arrives to evict the blacksmith, he is stunned to discover Rory Foster is not a man, but a very stubborn woman who is not going to stay quiet and allow Caleb to evict her. Rory Foster AKA Aurora, is a widowed blacksmith trying to survive on the land her father left her. A bit awkward, Rory is the best at what she does, her work is coveted by all those in the surrounding area. When Caleb attempts to complete his mission he is met with Rory's resistance and then the roller coaster of events, from injury to discovery, from elation to romance rolls on.

The Circle Eight: Caleb is the culmination of years of struggle with the Graham family and their loved ones. How one family attempts to continue on when so much tragedy has befallen them and rise once again in the midst of the country even better than before is a gift, and only can be told as such my Emma Lang AKA Beth Williamson. Caleb proves that family overcomes all adversity. With Emma Lang's strong and colorful characters, the Graham legacy promises to continue on, and excitedly so. I love the Grahams, they are gutsy and enjoyable and always a pleasure to meet. I loved The Circle Eight: Caleb and I know you will all as well.


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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