Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Before I give you my synopsis and review I must tell you all that it has been a while since I have gone and read a new paranormal romance. I have my mainstays, and I am now very picky with what I pick up, because if you saw my TBR pile, you would run for the hills... yup, that bad. So I put down my Highlanders and my Cowboys for a bit and I picked up Viper: Sons of Sangue by Patricia A. Rasey. Needless to say, I was a goner from the first scene... a very hotttt one at that. Not only do we have extremely attractive Vampires, but these Vampires are in a motorcycle gang. BRILLIANT.

We meet Kane  (Viper) Tepes and Kaleb (Hawk) Tepes, descendants of Vlad (the Impaler) Tepes III, yes, THAT Vlad Tepes. They also are the President and Vice President of the Sons of Sangue a Motorcycle Club in the wilds of Oregon.

 Trouble comes to town when someone or something is draining women of every drop of blood they have and leaving them haphazardly buried in the forests of Pleasant, Oregon. Detective Cara Brahnam, has recently come back to town after leaving in fear, several years before. Her eyes could not deceive her when she found Kane Tepes, ten years ago, feeding from a woman. Vampires can't exist! Can they? Well Cara hightailed it out of Pleasant but returned ten years later after an unpleasant situation with a superior officer leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

Cara is determined  to solve the murders of these women, who coincidentally have similar features to her, blonde hair and blue eyes.  When Cara and her partner attempt to question members of the Sons of Sangue, she isn't all that shocked to see that Viper hasn't changed a smidgen in 10 years, but is shocked to find herself attracted to this bad boy. Viper on the other hand is in denial. He can't be attracted to Detective Brahnam since it would go against so many of the MC's (Motorcycle Club) rules.

Things become insanely dangerous when Viper realizes that it's a primordial (an original Vampire) that is murdering the women, and Cara is not safe from its wrath. In fact, no one is safe. 

I'd say I was a tad enthusiastic in my summary, but totally necessary. What a fabulous story. Patricia A. Rasey knows how to grab the reader and not let go. Her motley crew of bad-ass bikers leaves the reader wanting more. Viper: Sons of Sangue (Book 1) by Patricia A. Rasey is high octane. A must read for all paranormal fans..



5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

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  1. Well you know you get me hooked for this one ;)
    Brilliant review!

  2. I bought the kindle book last night and Im on chapter 4. I love it!

  3. I am a sucker (no pun intended) for an alpha, a vamp, and a bike!