Monday, July 6, 2015

Caged (Mastered #4) by Lorelei James Guest Review by SLICK

Every book in author Lorelei James' Mastered Series has been intriguing and while Unraveled is still my favorite in this series Caged is a close second.  I'll admit I worried that the brash, larger than life hero would completely overshadow and mild and meek heroine but I was wrong and I was never happier to be wrong.  Complicated, emotional, action-packed and titillating from beginning to end these two people found themselves dealing with way more than just their developing relationship.

 I always thought there was a whole lot more to Deacon McConnell that met the eye, but I had no idea the depths of his secrets and how much events from his life have shaped him into the fighting machine he is today.  It also came as no surprise that he would be just as intense in his personal relationships as he is in his professional one and Molly Calloway found out first hand just what being with a man like Deacon entailed.

When Molly Calloway first started taking kickboxing at Black Arts she did it for self preservation and to make sure she'd never feel as vulnerable as she did following an attack.  She's made great strides in both her personal and professional life but despite that she can't resist giving Deacon a second chance after he stood her up months ago for their first date.  On one hand she hates that he affects her so much but on the other hand she loves that he affects her so much but one thing is certain the new Molly is going after what she wants.

This was a very busy book with a lot going on and at times the romance seemed to take a back seat, but despite that it was fascinating to watch these two navigate family issues (and man there were some doozies), career issues and relationship issues.  These are two people who have been deeply scarred emotionally and while Molly found it easy to open up and share with Deacon, he was not forthcoming which caught up with him on more than one occasion.  I'll admit that as much as I loved Deacon's sweet and loveable side (and yes it was in there), his pigheadedness drove me crazy.   What I did love is the fact that Molly wasn't afraid to stick up for herself, she didn't cower and more than once she called Deacon on his bad behavior and did what she had to do for herself.  I loved seeing this side of her and how much she's blossomed into a strong woman during this series.  These two were good for each other with Deacon providing Molly with much needed back-up and by reminding her repeatedly that he found her fascinating and beautiful.  Molly's support of Deacon's fighting, her understanding of his training requirements, and her ability to forgive him when he screws up repeatedly shows that she understands that man sometimes better than he understands himself.  In addition, the absolute abandon they share during their intimate moments, their willingness to explore both their fantasies and kinks with each other proves just how well matched they are both in the bedroom and out.

Provocative, well written, and intricate Caged is more than a romance between two people, it is a look at all types of relationships; some good, some bad, and some very intriguing but most of all this book proves that having just one person in your corner who understands, supports and loves you unconditionally can make your life richer in more ways than one.


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