Thursday, July 9, 2015

High Country Spring (Las Morenas, #3) by Genevieve Turner

Indulged by her father yet censured by her ever-so-proper mother, Francisca Moreno's life is about to become a tornado. All she has ever wanted to do since she could remember, is help run her family's ranch. Working outside with the wind at her back atop a horse are the things that make Franny truly happy, but when he sisters marry and leave her in their mother's sights. Senora Moreno wants to groom Francisca to be a proper lady who will make a good wife for a future husband, but Franny has other ideas.

Felipe Ortega was taken in by the Moreno family when his family succumbed to illness year ago. In the time he has been with the Moreno's he has become an important member of the holding helping run the ranch. The only problem is, Felipe has never felt genuinely welcome into the family fold even thought his responsibilities include making sure the beloved Franny stay hale and hearty performing work meant for the men on the ranch. More than once Felipe has voiced his opinion that Franny should be in the house doing woman's work instead of wreaking havoc outside, but inwardly, his admiration for all she does takes root. 

When the ranch is continually plagued by a mountain lion killing off the livestock, Juan Moreno, eldest son and heir to the ranch, and Felipe head out to hunt down the lion. Fearing she will lose her freedom to her mother's strict rules, Franny heads out on her own to track the lion, even if it means she'll be locked away forever once she returns home. Felipe has separated from Juan in order to search more ground when he stumbles upon Franny and all hell breaks loose when Franny refuses to return home. She strikes a deal with Felipe to track the predator together. What they both didn't know is  they would find is a trust and understanding no one else could share  and a burgeoning attraction that will change their lives forever.

This third book in the LAS MORENAS series, HIGH COUNTRY SPRING by the eloquent Genevieve Turner is yet another notch on this author's belt of wonderful stories. Watching the lives of the Morenos and their significant others is a wonder as each and every tale unfolds. Felipe and Franny are destined to be together, even if no one else around them understood that. Their story has depth and emotion that make this particular story one of my favorites. Francisca tries so hard to straddle the line of the proper lady and that of the free spirit she so desperately wants to continue to stay. No one understand her life Felipe does as he has suffered deep loss in his own life that has made him into the man he has become. HIGH COUNTRY SPRING is well written and impassioned story that is not to be missed. 


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