Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Affair in Winter (Seasons Book 1) by Jess Michaels

Happiness for this reader, is snuggling up on my sofa with a Jess Michaels title and being dazzled by the story and the sleek sensuality in everything this talented author writes. An Affair in Winter is no exception and an impressive beginning to her SEASONS series.

On her way to her sister's wedding, a Winter storm disrupts Rosalinde Wilde's travel and she takes shelter at an inn where the widow meets a striking stranger who rocks her world with an impassioned night of forbidden lovemaking.

Grayson Danford must stop his brother's nuptials before it is too late, but the night he spends in the passionate woman's arms throws him for a loop. Upon arriving home to take care of business, Grayson soon discovers that the woman he spent the night making love with is none other than the intended bride's widowed sister. Oh this just got better!

When Rosaline finds out that her ardent lover of one night is brother to her sister's groom-to-be and that Grayson objects to the joining of those two, sparks fly as Rosalinde defends not only her sister, but her pride as well, and the undeniable desire that flares between both Grayson and Rosalinde promises to ignite.

AN AFFAIR IN WINTER  by Jess Michaels is a wonderful story filled with ethereal attraction and wonder. I loved this story. I love a great second chances at love, and this is a prime example.


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