Friday, July 15, 2016

Into Dust (The Montana Hamiltons #5) by B.J. Daniels

Every single title in B.J. Daniels' Montana Hamiltons series has made me shout out OMG at the end, shake my fist and wish I had a magic looking glass into the next book to find out what is going to happen. I have even tried to bribe B.J. to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that she just loves to torture her readers.... In a good way of course, but it's torture nonetheless.

Cassidy Hamilton, youngest daughter of Presidential hopeful, Buckmaster Hamilton, has spent her life in the spotlight along with her five sisters, and she's tired of it. For a while she was traveling the world and staying off the radar, but a attempted kidnapping yanks her back into an insane reality.

When handsome Texan, Jack Durand foils the kidnapping in progress, he and Cassidy are thrown together into web of lies, deceit and intrigue that no twenty-something has any business being embroiled in. When Jack discovers that his own father and possibly Cassidy's mother are involved in not only the abduction, but also a nefarious plot against the government, survival becomes the real deal for this unlikely pair. 

Being tossed together by these unbelievable circumstances, Cassidy and Jack feel the inevitable pull of their attraction for one another where they both begin to think that fate has put them together. With all the insanity going on around them all they have is the comfort they can give one another and the amazing instincts that Jack has for survival. Who can they trust? Possibly no one. And so goes yet another intriguing BJ Daniels thriller of a story.... I don't think I will keep sane until the final installment.

Ok, so this is a monster of a book with twists and turns that will have you biting you nails down to the nub, and I am seriously not kidding. B.J. Daniels is a master storyteller who keeps her readers on the very edge of their seats, especially with INTO DUST. Not only is Jack and Cassidy's tale fabulous, but my favorite couple, Nettie and Frank are knee deep in trouble too and their secondary storyline will have you gasping for air. One of my fellow respected reviewers noted that this series needs to be made into a TV mini-series and I so totally agree with her. It's just THAT good. Bravo Ms. Daniels for giving me so many gray hairs that I must dye it constantly. Yes, I am blaming you, Barb. 

An FYI for all, I found out today that Barbara Johnson Heinlein/B.J. Daniels dedicated this book to me and fellow Book Obsessed Chicks member, Janet Rodman. While I am over the moon and thrilled about this, it unequivocally has no bearing on the review of this book. INTO DUST is a treat that can't be missed.  



  1. No fair teasing us, Kim. The rest of us have to wait until July 26th to read the next book in this fabulous series.