Friday, July 8, 2016

Unleashed (Beloved of the Beast Book 1 ) by Abby Gordon **Review by Joann

His family cursed and all but gone, Baron Wulfgar Socton fights to control the animal inside him. Then a blizzard brings a beautiful young maiden to his lonely home, and this tormented shifter uses his power to seduce her. In her dreams, he shows her the pleasure he can offer and dares to hope again.

Born with the secret psychic gifts of a culture almost lost, Amanda

Review by Joann

This is my first read of the author Abby Gordon. While I'm usually not a reader of shape shifters I must say this was quite intriguing.

Baron Wulfgar Socton carries a family curse which has dominated most of his life. His battle to control his inner beast is heart wrenching. His fear of releasing this beast has prevented him a full life.

When a carriage approaches his manor to seek refuge from a snow storm he is fit to be tied. This carriage has four passengers Heinrich Von Steinser, Bettina his wife, his son Aaaron and his daughter Amanda they all seek shelter in his home. Wulfgar senses the hostility both Bettina and Aaron bear towards Amanda. Wulfgar uses his powers to seduce Amanda in her dreams and she easily succumbs to him. 

Amanda too bears a gift from her mother that she has tried to keep hidden from all. As she begins to trust Wulfgar she shares her secrets and the two reveal their feelings for each other.

This was an extremely interesting read for me.


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