Friday, February 24, 2012

Margaret Whelehan’s Review of The Right to Remain Mine by Linda Kage


I could not stop reading this book.  The way that the author put the two main characters together is full of chemistry and suspense.
            Willow DeVane is a hotshot divorce lawyer who has a judge as a father. She is so used to doing everything for herself that she does not know how to receive help well.  Some of her clients do not like how she defended them; they even threatened her because of it. She also leaves her home open, there is always an unlocked door so that her family can come and go as they please.
            Raith Malloy is a hotshot detective who hates lawyers who get criminals to go free when they are guilty.  He is the type of man that protects those dear to him. He will do anything to get criminals behind bars.
            We first meet our characters in the court parking lot. There is instantly sparks from both of them. He is trying to give her a parking ticket and she is doing everything she can to get out of it.  Their encounter is defiantly one for the record books.  They both are doing what they think is right in that moment.  However, their attraction is noticed.
            They got re introduced to each other at his department. She was bailing out her client while he was just coming on duty.  Willow’s client attacked her because she would not do what he wanted her to do.  Malloy offered to teach her some self-defense so that nothing like what she encountered would happen again. While teaching Willow, the chemistry between her and Malloy, increased ten fold.  It got to the point where they almost slept together.  Malloy actually told her not to touch his condoms, completely ruining the sexual mood between them.
            Raith always seemed to find something to get mad a Willow for. Whether it is because she keeps her door open or because of her attitude. He got extremely mad at her and decided that their “just sex” relationship was not worth it; especially because he found out she got pregnant. He thought she deliberately did it to trap him in a relationship.
            The way that Malloy proposed to Willow was a little backwards. He said things that should come after he proposed and not before. But since their relationship was anything but normal, it made sense in the end.
            All throughout the book it was a battle between the two of them. Who was better then who, and which rules should be made between them.  The chemistry between them was always flowing, even if they were extremely mad at each other. It completely made the whole book extremely interesting to read.
            I am extremely glad I got a chance to read this book. the way that the author wrote the book drew me in from the very beginning. This book was a sexy fun romance with the right amount of suspense and comedy as well.


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