Friday, February 24, 2012

A Review of The Best Mistake by Linda Kage... GUEST BLOGGER MARGARET WHELEHAN

The concept of the whole book was to tell the truth. From the very beginning, the book was based on one lie. I found it interesting how one lie could lead to heartache in the beginning but in the end, love prevailed.
            From the beginning Deri always wanted fit in whether it was with her father’s family or at work, she just wanted to belong.  She started to work as an intern at a company trying to work her way up the ladder.  She wanted to be able to prove to everyone that she was not “the mistake” and that she could make something of herself.
            Cole is the CEO of the company where Deri works. His personality is just like every other CEO. He created the company from the ground up and is always looking to make improvements to keep the company in the black.
            Deri and Cole met while she was on a ladder fixing a problem. She was trying to hand an extension cord that everyone kept tripping over.  Cole distracted her and she fell and hurt her ankle, and hit her head.  The way that Cole distracted her on the way to the hospital was to keep touching the knot on the back of her head.  After Deri gets discharged she went to settle her bill only to find out that her job already took care of it.
            When Deri was home, her stepsister visited, bringing a message. Her sister was making sure that she was not fired from her job and that their grandfather still needed her to be a mole in the company she works for. Without telling her sister, Deri decided not to help out her family after all. She did not want the company she worked for to go under.
            Cole was completely attracted to Deri and was always finding ways to see her. Whether it was at work or bringing her flowers at her house.  He was also trying to figure out a way to tell her that he was actually the CEO and not a manager. 
When he found out the Deri quit, he wanted to tell her how he really felt.  So, he invited her to a charity event as his date.  At the event Deri’s father was there and made sure that she knew what her job still was.  He wanted her to know that the only way to get approval from her family was do find anything to help her fathers company crush Cole’s company.  Cole found out that Deri was one of the two moles in his company.  He was extremely mad at her and did the whole love her and leave her thing.
Cole had a meeting with Deri’s grandfather and father about the moles in the company. He told her family that he knew since the beginning about Deri’s job. About being the mole. He also told them that since Deri was his fiancé that he would not indicted them as long as they left his company alone.
Cole explained to Deri that he did not want to lose her because of who her family was. He confessed that he was completely in love with her and that because he loved her he was going to leave her family alone. She told him he should have indicted them.
This book is a good short book. The author got her point across from the very beginning.  This book shows that you can always forgive someone if they lie to you.  Love prevails over all, just as long as you love each other enough.  

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