Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apartment 6C ~The Tethered Arms Book 2~ by Sahara Kelly

Yes.. odd that I am reviewing the 2nd novella first, since I just finished it moments ago,and thought it was brilliant, I had to share!

Adam is a grade school teacher married to Laura,a lawyer, for the past five years. Things are beginning to become a little ho-hum in the bedroom. Although they love each other immensely, their lives have become utterly routine..

That is until Laura discovers that Adam has been withholding from her a side of himself he locked away when they became a couple. Adam was a Dom, and quite accomplished at it as well.
Can high-powered attorney Laura give her husband what he needs. Can she let go and become the sexual submissive that Adam as never even attempted to draw out of her? Silly people... you must read this one to find out!!!

Oh wow, I really enjoyed this one and found it inspiring. Sahara is no holds barred. Sometimes I have to admit that when I read a novella, afterward I feel cheated, that something was lacking. This is definitely not the case with these Tethered Arms stories. I am eager to read the next 2 and hope that Sahara has more planned.


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