Thursday, May 10, 2012


In Maya Banks’ 6th installment in her Sweet series , we finally get Cole’s story.  Followers of the series will be happy he gets his day in the sun, but this can absolutely be read as a standalone. 
Cole Madison is a successful businessman and regular fixture as a Dom at The House, an exclusive BDSM club.  Cole’s one regret is leaving his first love and submissive partner, Ren Michael.  It’s been ten years and the pain doesn’t seem to have gotten easier to bear.  Then, a chance meeting brings Ren back into his sights.  In the time they’ve spent apart, Ren thinks she’s moved on.  She’s currently in a very fulfilling 24/7 D/s relationship with Lucas Holt.  Lucas is a strict, but loving Dom who shares a special connection with Ren.  He knows her inside and out and can tell that her meeting with Cole has shaken her to the core, making her question if she’s still in love with her former Dom.  He decides to give her a gift: two weeks back with Cole, after which she can decide to stay with him or come back to Lucas.  What unfolds is a compelling and emotional journey for Ren and Cole.  Can he let her go after two weeks of paradise? 
I love Maya Banks’ Sweet series.  I have my favorites, and this installment is in the top two for me.   I found myself falling for Lucas’ sweet and loving dominance, knowing this was supposed to be about Ren and Cole’s reunion.  I felt anxious for him, knowing he was going to have his heart broken.  And then I found the same feelings for Cole as he gives everything he has to make Ren understand they were meant to be together.  What a rollercoaster of emotion!  The BDSM is on the moderate level, but with the understanding that these are 24/7 D/s relationships.  The sex is absolutely smoking hot: unique scenarios, an m/m/m/f scene (Maya’s specialty J), plenty of kinky D/s play.  The character development was excellent, and by the end I was a mess not knowing how it would all play out.  Who will be left out in the cold?    Can Ren choose?  Very sweet and satisfying angst.  I highly recommend this read for fans of the series, Maya Banks,  and new readers who want to be introduced to a BDSM world full of hot sex and genuine emotion.  


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

5 Orgasms Read (Mind Blowing Hot)

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  1. Thanks for the review, Jenn! I can't wait to read...

  2. Great review babe! Even though I haven't read the book yet. I'm slacking!