Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~ DESIRE~ A Poem by Jenn Fraser


Both a blessing and a curse.
My heart, an empty vessel  of need, forever unfulfilled. 
Without, a barren wasteland of indifference.
I long to be drenched in the waters of my love, each undulating wave a caress upon my soul, 
each droplet a kiss beyond measure.
Though I go thirsty and parched in the light of day,
evening’s shroud, the sleep of dreams, brings you to me.
 I revel in that far off land, that paradise of ocean blue, till I wake… unappeased, alone.
In that moment, I am bereft.
A single tear slides down my face and I rise to greet the dawn.
 I have lost my soul to the night.
And am glad of it. 


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