Monday, April 30, 2012

Sound of the Heart by Genevieve Graham


In Genevieve Graham's first novel, Under the Same Sky, we are left believing that Andrew's brother, Dougal MacDonnell has been killed in combat on the fields of Culloden. In the latest book, Sound of the Heart, we happily find out that is not the case, but his situation is dire. Dougal awakens after the battle hurting and bound by restraints. He, along with several other survivors of the infamous battle are taken as prisoners by the British who wish to strip them of any connection to their proud Scottish heritage Along the way he meets John Wallace , with whom he forges a friendship.

 Dougal also becomes protector to two young boys who were drummers in the war, Joseph and Aiden, after some unsavory characters on the ship attempt to violate the boys. They all journey from the awful voyage on squalid ship, to an equally foul prison camp where even their traditional plaids and bagpipes are banned they survive as well as can be expected. When John sees the camp devoid of any of his Scottish heritage, he says "So Scotland is gone." while Dougal replies to him "No John, She is only in hiding."

After a time the foursome devise of a plan to escape the prison, which goes awry when the British announce a lottery to draw between prisoners that will stand trial for war crimes and those who will be shipped to the British colonies. John Wallace gets chosen to stand trial and Dougal, Joseph and Aiden attempt escape. The only two successful during the escape are Dougal and Aiden.

Once free, the pair, who become quick friends, travel through Scotland in an attempt to steer clear of the English, while finding a new home.Finally settling in an abandoned cottage the pair make a new life with what little they can find. Things go fairly well until one day Aiden is attacked and Dougal discovers a secret Aiden had been hiding for years, Aiden is a female and her real name is Glenna. 

Yes, things become quite complicated after the discovery because as it would seem, the pair have an attraction to one another. At first they both attempt to toss aside their attraction and their feelings, but to no avail. When tragedy befalls them and they are separated once again by their enemies we find Glenna transported to America thinking Dougal dead, and Dougal once again a prisoner with a chance to go to America as part of the British military.

Will Glenna and Dougal ever be reunited? Will they still feel the same for one another after their trials and tribulations? You will have to find out when you read Sound of the Heart by Genevieve Graham! 

Once again I was drawn in immediately. Genevieve Graham brings to life Scotland and America in the 1740's. At the same time Dougal is big and gruff, he is also kind and patient. Once Glenna's true self is revealed, we find her to be self sufficient and intelligent. The pair are a wonder to follow on their journey. Just as I loved Under the Same Sky and recommended it highly, I do the same for it's sequel Sound of the Heart and I think you all will enjoy it every bit as much as I did.

Sound of the Heart is out on Tuesday, May 1st


4 Stars (Brilliant)


  1. Great review! Genevieve is a wonderful writer. I've got my copy of this book sitting beside my suitcase, ready for my trip to Dallas in a few days. She does historical details masterfully, and I'm so looking forward to reading about Dougal's journey.

  2. Just read your review...put this on my to read list. ;)

  3. This sounds so good I was not aware it was already out. On my way to get it. Thanks Kim for suggesting such great books.