Sunday, April 8, 2012

NOSTOS~The Homecoming~ by Nancy Barone Wythe

This is the first book I have read by author Nancy Barone Wythe and it won't be the last. She has such an inventive imagination, she draws you in. I love her strong characters and the link they share. I only wish that this story was longer. There is so much more that I would love to discover from all the characters involved. I highly recommend this read to all.


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4 Stars (Brilliant)

From Nancy Barone Wythe's Website:

For over a thousand years, LORD AIDAN HARTLAND OF WESTLAKE and his lover have in turn been eating each other's hearts in order to regenerate. Now he's back with his new identity- and the perpetual mission of protecting his woman and mankind from the demon Zendor that has no mate and eats human hearts at random to survive.
FBI agent ROBYN WAINRIGHT, assigned to investigate the strange deaths, is still unaware of her past, and determined to nail Westlake, with his mad tales of demons, paranormal powers and his eternal love for her. But the erotic visions she keeps having are driving her insane…PROLOGUE
Southwest England, 999 AD. Lord Westlake crouched over his flame-haired lover as she lay sprawled on their ancient bed. Her eyes were closed as she dug her nails into his dark powerful shoulders, holding her breath waiting for the Moment of Regeneration.
Torches burned around the timeless bed, casting several shadows over the brocade sheets that looked like a table seating a score of banqueters. A sumptuous banquet it would be. The scent of her young body was driving him to the limit of his demonic restraint. He stifled a shudder, mastering his own muscles back into control. Not yet.
Sensing his reserve she pulled him closer. His mouth swept over her candid flesh, tentatively licking and tasting the smooth texture of her skin that stretched like a thin veil over her pale veins. The sweet, heady, scent of her blood only a prelude to the flavor of her heart. He had always hungered for her, but this time he would prolong the pleasure of anticipation. He would wait for every luscious moment, every succulent mouthful.
She moaned, lifting her body towards him in an enticing offering and he sucked on her flesh. Not wanting to swallow the treat entirely, until his lips were swollen and her skin a deep violet.
"Take me now, Aidan." She pleaded, pulling him closer. Her emerald eyes dark with passion.
"In the name of The Regeneration," he murmured. His muscles tensed as he eased himself into her. He had a need that went deeper than human passion, a need for Immortality.
As she cried out in ecstasy he sank his teeth into her chest, his mouth greedily tearing at her flesh, layer after layer, until he reached her ribcage, truncating her bones between his steel jaws, finally able to retrieved his prize- her hot, quivering, oozing heart.

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