Sunday, April 8, 2012

Heartbreak Creek by Kaki Warner

Edwina Ladoux tried to keep her head above water in her home in Louisiana, but it didn't work out for her. Her parents are dead and she is left widowed after being married for a short time to her best male friend. Her ancestral home is being put up for sale for non-payment of taxes which Edwina and her half sister Prudence can no longer keep up being the sole survivors in the post Civil War South. Feeling she has no other choice, Edwina answers an advertisement in a matrimonial newspaper for a mail order bride to a widowed rancher who lives in the Colorado Rockies with his four unruly children.

Honest, hard-working widower age
thirty-three, seeks sturdy English-
speaking woman to help with
mountain ranch and four children.
Drinkers, whores and gamblers 
need not apply

What Declan Brodie didn't realize when he married Edwina by proxy was that she would arrive in Colorado with her Mulatto "traveling companion" Prudence Lincoln, and Edwina is nothing what his ad requested. The wisp of a beautiful female commences to turn his household upside down when she realizes Declan's children are in sore need of manners and education. Declan is completely dumbfounded by Edwina. He never wanted to be attracted to the Southern Belle and she in turn never wanted to have feelings for the brooding sometime Sheriff of Heartbreak Creek. Sometimes what you don't want is exactly what you need.

I am so happy I discovered Kaki Warner. What an awesome story! I loved the newlyweds knocking their stubborn heads in the beginning, eventually coming to a comfortable accord in the odd relationship. When Edwina sets rules for the family and Declan acquiesces to those rules the reader immediately feels this couple has a chance to actually make it. Edwina is no shrinking violet, although she is a fish out of water in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies, she quickly acclimates herself to Declan's surprise.

The back story with Prudence and the mixed Indian, Thomas is a welcome part of this already awesome read. I cannot wait to continue the series as Heartbreak Creek  is a welcome addition to my overflowing bookshelves and a keeper as far as I am concerned. I really loved this book.


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5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)


  1. WOW, Kimberly. What a great review. (And who is that cowboy on the left? Is that Declan? Whew!) I'm so glad you liked the Bodie story. They were a lot of fun to write about. Thanks for all the kind words and great support.

  2. Kaki you are my new GODDESS!!! LOL the cowboy on the left is MY dream cowboy... Thanks for the comment!!! Thanks for such amazing books!