Wednesday, May 29, 2013



This book is Fifty Shades of Grey meets Cinderella. Please, don’t misunderstand me. This isn’t just an x-rated fairy tale and Kennedy Jenner is no Prince Charming. Hope York moves from Chicago to New York to not only distance herself from her mean as a junk yard dog Step-Mother Candace, but to essentially change who she is. Years of verbal abuse at the hands of Candace has convinced Hope that she is ugly and worthless so she decides to transform herself both inside and out. On her very first day as an Event Planner at a 5 star hotel, she meets Kennedy, millionaire playboy and is swept away by his charm and looks. Kennedy on the other hand has never met anyone like Hope before and he makes it his life mission to get to know Hope better. Not used to getting his way, it just adds to his desire for her. This cat and mouse game does not go on for too long which actually surprised me, I thought the dance would be longer. As the two learn about each other, we slowly learn about each’s back story and peel back the layers to see just how messed up these two individuals truly are.

I seriously enjoyed the hell out of this story. I didn’t realize that sometimes you just don’t want to wait till the end of the book before a couple gets together. At times I felt that Hope was a bit tstl and Kennedy was an overbearing bossy fuck but those times were few and far between and didn’t piss me off enough for me to want to stop reading. There was just enough sex to make this an erotic book but not so much that made me feel like I was reading a porno. I don’t understand why it seems that every other male lead out there is a multi million dollar playboy who was just waiting for the right girl to make him want to stop sticking it in everything that moved and settle down but it worked for this story. I give it 4.5 feathers and would like to see this author perhaps write a follow up story with Shauna and Garret.


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