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I must begin by saying that I was extremely skeptical about reading this book. When I read the blurb and found out the hero was a Duke and the supposed heroine a lady's maid, I scrunched my eyebrow and shook my head. Yes, it is fiction, but as I have said before, I do like my fiction with a smidgen of reality, and a Duke and a lady's maid actually ending up together was a bit far fetched to me. I even polled my friends, some of whom had similar feelings as I did, until I actually sat down and read the Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore.

Ever since little Sarah Osborne, the gardener's daughter was saved from the thorns of a blackberry bush by young man, Simon Hawkins, duke of Trent, he has been her knight in shining armor.From that very day forward, Sarah was taken into the family fold as much more that one of the servant's children. She was educated along with them and grew up side by side with most of the Hawkins family, in thanks to Simon and his mother, the Duchess of Trent.Years later, after a forbidden kiss that remains with her always, Sarah knows no one will ever equal Simon in any way.

Now it is sixteen years since Sarah has been a part of the Hawkins family. Her situation has changed a bit, for now she is one of the house maids, she is also dear friend to Esme Hawkins, the only daughter in the Hawkins family. When Esme finds that her mother, the duchess has disappeared from Ironwood Hall and it's surrounding property, most of the siblings rush home to hear news and attempt to get to the bottom of her suspicious disappearance. It has been several years since Sarah has seen Simon, now mostly called Trent by those who know him. Even after the time apart and their social differences, sparks still fly between the two, and Simon has returned home to fins his mother, but this situation continually place both Sarah and Simon together and it's difficult for the both of them to resist the temptation. 

Simon has elevated Sarah's position to companion for his sister Esme and taken the them to London, hoping to keep the two out of harms way. While in London Trent finds himself in the interests on one  Georgina Stanley, who has decided she wants Simon for her husband, for what would be better than having a Duke for a husband. At first Simon is torn, he does not want to marry the beautiful Georgina since he has feelings for Sarah, but nothing but scandal would ensue should he pursue his relationship with his beloved Sarah. He decides not to marry at all until he is been given an ultimatum by Georgina's father, Lord Stanley to either marry Georgina, or secrets that will rock the Hawkins family and all of England will be revealed ruining the reputation that Simon struggles to keep in check. So not only does Simon have the mystery surrounding the missing Duchess of Trent, but he has an impending marriage to a spoiled Georgina which of course is hurting the woman that Simon actually loves, Sarah Osborne.

The story continues with more than one mystery afoot and the entire Hawkins family shaken in more than one way, leaving the reader with so many questions with its progression. I clearly enjoyed  The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore. There was obviously more than meets the eye when reading this blurb and I am extremely glad that I decided to delve between the pages and envelop myself in the mystery and the romance of it all... In order to see if the lady's maid gets her Duke, I strongly suggest you read The Duchess Hunt by Jennifer Haymore for an entertaining as well as touching journey.
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4 Stars (Brilliant)

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