Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Struggling in the day to day, Annie Hennessy is still devastated by her hometown's disaster after wild fires destroy much of Sweetheart and the Inn she called home as well as the family business.The town of Sweetheart was a thriving tourist attraction before the fire, having couples from all over come to marry and honeymoon with the mountains as its backdrop. Now living in a small apartment with her mother, grandmother and daughter from her failed marriage she works a 9-5 while she longs to begin rebuilding all she lost in the fire. 

Nine years ago Annie and Sam Wyler where a couple in love. They had plans for the future until Sam left town to pursue business Now Sam is back in town, a widower with a little girl. Aside from purchasing property that Annie wanted to buy, Sam is back to help the town recover and prosper once again. 

Sam finds he still harbors feelings for Annie, but can she forgive him for leaving? Annie's reluctance in getting involved with Sam again is compounded by her ex-husband wanting to have the daughter more since Annie has a lot on her plate. Even with Sam's utter generosity Annie must work through her own mistrust before she begins to open her heart again.

The Rancher's Homecoming by Cathy McDavid was a very enjoyable read. This was my first read by this author and I am sure it won't be my last. This story of lost love and love again really caught my attention. Sam is a most honorable and patient hero while the sometimes petulant Annie must come to terms with her own misgivings. Watching Sweetheart come back to life after such a devastating tragedy was a plus for this feel good story. 

4 Stars (Brilliant)

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