Monday, September 30, 2013

THE CASH BROTHERS, A Great New Series by Author Marin Thomas

So, if you have perused my blog or my Facebook wall at all, you know that I LOVE cowboys. I love from the most heated, sexy romance book to a light but inspiring one. My only prerequisite is that it has a good story. Yes, I have put books down that I did not like, go ahead, gasp. I honestly had never picked up a Harlequin Romance until the RWA in NYC in 2011, but since then, I must say that I will never knock a Harlequin novel again. Yes, some of them have awful titles and odd-looking covers, but it's the blurb on the back of the book that sucks me in, as these two books by author Marin Thomas did to me. The newest series, The Cash Brothers series has a pretty insane premise.

Aimee Cash liked cowboys... a lot. So much so, that she has six baby boys with six different cowboys who either couldn't or wouldn't stick around to be fathers to their sons. She also had a lovely daughter named Dixie Aimee also wasn't much of mother material, skipping out on her toddlers consistently. That's not even the odd part, Aimee Cash had a penchant for naming her baby boys after famous country singers, hence leaving her off-spring to be ridiculed throughout their lives. Adults now, the first Cash Brothers book by Marin Thomas is The Cowboy Next Door.

Johnny Cash has always been the center of the Cash family. He basically sacrificed most of himself to keep his brothers and sister together, safe and sound. Troubled times have fallen upon the Cash family, but Johnny doesn't want to burden his siblings. The family home and business are in financial trouble and Johnny needs a way to fix it fast.

Shannon Douglas is self reliant and confident. I guess one would have to be if one is a female bull rider. Raised by her father along with her brothers, from an early age Shannon took after her brothers in all things. She didn't know any other way since there was no woman around. Shannon had her best friend Dixie Cash and she also had the Cash family to watch out for her, especially Johnny.

All grown up now Shannon Douglas is taking on the rodeo world as a star bull rider with an awesome sponsorship and a so-called bull rider boyfriend in C.J. Rodriguez. Hmmm is this womanizing cowboy really her boyfriend? When Johnny Cash shows up at the rodeo and sees his sister's best friend, something is different. Johnny is attracted to this girl, nine years his junior  and fight as he may like to, that attraction doesn't want to go away. Shannon has always had a crush on Johnny, who wouldn't? This handsome cowboy is a good man and has always been, but his hangup about his age difference could get the best of both of them. Oh did I mention that Johnny has just gotten a job working for Shannon's dad? That could really throw a wrench into the fan.

When Shannon gets thrown at a rodeo and really hurts herself, Johnny is right there to help out. Shannon is determined to to get right back on a bull, even to her detriment and having Johnny in her corner when everyone else wants her to hang up for hat would really be an awesome thing. Wondering if Johnny and Shannon can get over their issues long enough to notice what's right in front of them both is half the battle in The Cowboy Next Door by Marin Thomas.

And so begins my obsession with the Cash Brothers. Thank you Marin Thomas for such a great story. When I thought of a female bull rider, it was of a not very feminine woman, but Marin has completely scoffed that thought. Even the silly fact that all the Cash brothers are named after country singers only adds to the entire scheme of things when the great story comes into play. Marin Thomas knows just how to tug at hearts with her knack for storytelling and this reviewer finds it hard to put the book down until the last page. I have fallen for the Cash family with their quirky personalities and their ease with one another. The strong female characters make for my kind of read. I recommend Marin Thomas' The Cowboy Next Door to all. Give the Cash Brothers a try, I think you'll be hooked!


Ok, so the cover might fool you. but the blurb definitely say it all. I find that I have to put my cover feelings aside when I see this one because Twins Under The Christmas Tree by Marin Thomas is so good.

Meet Conway Twitty Cash, one of those infamous Cash Brothers and the so-called handsomest of the bunch. Conway has women falling at his feet and hardly ever says no..... unless the lady in question has kids or wants them in the future because Conway has sworn off being a daddy...ever, but he is in search of "the one".

Isadora Lopez hasn't had a stellar life so far, but the one thing, or should I say two things she definitely got right are her handsome little devil twin 4 year old sons, Javier and Miguel. Single mom Isi is all alone in the world with her sons since the father of the boys has basically denied them. Said deadbeat and rodeo cowboy  never told Isi he was already married. Isi is one determined lady, a hard worker, college student and mom. She's also been Conway's "therapist" for the past few years as Conway frequents the establishment Isi waitresses at. Attracted to her at first, Conway quashed that any inkling of a relationship when he found out Isi was the mom of twins, but they have been constant friends. Isi always hears about Conway's antics with the female population in search of his perfect mate, doling out advice when necessary.

One evening trouble comes to the Border Town Bar and Grill when an insistent wannabe girlfriend seeks Conway out and ends up hurting Isi in the melee. To make up for Isi's injury and her subsequent loss of a babysitter, Conway offers to step in as sitter to the twins. Reluctant but in need, Isi accepts since she has to waitress as well as work towards her impending December graduation. Low and behold, the anti children cowboy Conway likes the boys and they adore him. The closer Conway gets to the boys the closer he becomes to Isi, but it isn't what he wants. In a constant stupor of denial, Conway can't see what's right in front of his face. Even with his ease with taking care of the boys and his still being attracted to Isi, Conway still thinks "the one" is still out there, but it's not the pretty mom of twin boys he can't get out of his mind.

Twins Under The Christmas Tree by Marin Thomas is a fabulous story. Conway really is a great guy, even with his rule of not dating women with kids. He has his reasons though they are almost a cloud hanging over his head. Isi is the ultimate female character, she wants for nothing and works for everything she has. She is real and so deserving of so much more. She strives everyday to make a better life for her and her beloved sons.  She knows Conway would is the perfect man for her, if only the oblivious man would wake up.
Twins Under the Christmas Tree by Marin Thomas is a great read for anytime of the year. It tugs at your heartstrings and even even extracts some tears. I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed it and know you will as well.



  1. I had already purchased The Cowboy Next Door today before I saw this because I had to have it to read before I get the Harlequin bundle releasing tomorrow which includes Twins Under the Christmas Tree. Cowboys and Christmas. Can't think of anything better.

  2. Awesome Margie!!! Marin is a great writer and I have fallen in love with her books!!!

  3. I read American Romance all the time, haven't read these 2 books yet but would love too! I have read acouple books by Marin Thomas, love the way she writes about cowboys! carole

    1. Carole, after I read the two books, I went back and read Dixie Cash's book in Marin's other series.. I LOVED it... I am going to read them all!!!

  4. I love Marin's writing! I read The Cowboy Next Door & can't wait to read Twins! Thanks for the great review!

  5. Thank you Sharlene!!! Enjoy the book!!!

  6. Wonderful post, Kim. Thanks for posting about Marin Thomas's Cash Brothers books. I'm off to find these two! You know me--I love Country Music and Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty are two of my faves :)

  7. Marin Thomas's Cash Brothers books are now going into buy must buy list thanks for letting us know about this author