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Hey all!! Thanks for stopping by Book Obsessed Chicks Blog. Today we have author Marin Thomas with us. Marin is the authors of awesome Western and American Romance. Please welcome her and stick around for end end of this spotlight where there will be a giveaway for a Ebook copy  and a signed print copy of Marin's latest release of TWINS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE..

Welcome to Book Obsessed Chicks and thank you for answering my questions.
1.     Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I grew up in Janesville, WI.-- A former GM town and at the time I was growing up it was still considered a "small town".  My family didn’t have the means to travel much so when I ended up being 6' 1" the high school basketball coach convinced me that if I worked hard enough I could earn a scholarship to play ball in college.  That's all I needed to hear, because I knew that was my ticket out of WI.  I'd never been on an airplane until I traveled with my team and by the time I'd graduated from college I’d been all over the Unites States.  I was very fortunate that I was able to have my college paid for and all that hard work, determination and dedication has carried over to my writing career.  But as much as I've loved all the different places I've lived—Dallas, Houston, San Francisco Bay area, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver…I'm still the girl who grew up in a small town and that's what I love to write about most. 

2.    When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?
When I took a creative writing class my junior year of college. I spent more time on homework for that elective class than classes in my major—broadcast journalism.  Also when a professor in one of my broadcasting classes said I'd make a great PBS announcer, because I had such a monotone voice I figured I needed a backup plan. J

3.    Tell us about your upcoming work?
The second book in the Cash Brothers series releases October 1, 2013, so I'm right in the middle of writing this series.  There are six books and the heroes are all named after country and western legends.  The Cowboy Next Door (July 2013) is about Johnny Cash, the eldest sibling.  Twins Under The Christmas Tree (Oct 1, 2013) is Conway Twitty Cash's story.  Her Secret Cowboy (Feb 1, 2014) is about Willie Nelson Cash and The Cowboy's Destiny (May 2014) is about Buck Owens Cash.  I have a tentative release date of August 2014 for Merle Haggard Cash and early 2015 for Porter Wagoner Cash.

4.    Do you have any mentors? Heroes?
I had the wonderful support of a critique group in Littleton, Colorado when I joined RWA, it was run by Harlequin author Tina Radcliffe and I'll always be grateful for the group's support when I was just starting to submit manuscripts to publishers.  But the one person who was there for me through every rejection and continued to encourage me was my mother.  She hooked me on romance books shortly after I was married—she mostly read historicals.  And once I was published with Harlequin I hooked her on series books.  I lost my biggest fan seven years ago, but if there's a library in Heaven then I'm certain my mother has been checking out my books and reading them. J

5.    Can you tell us your favorite character from your books so far and why?
That's a tough question…one of my favorite heroes is Riley Fitzgerald, the cowboy in A Rodeo Man's Promise (Dec 2011) and the reason being is that he's the first really "wealthy" rodeo cowboy I've written and my first older heroine/younger hero romance.  The heroine in this book is Maria Alvarez and she teaches at-risk teens in a special class designed to help them earn a GED after they'd been kicked out of high school.  I've gotten several fan letters asking me for the stories of the delinquent teens and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to come through with those books in the near future.

6.    Was it difficult for you to get published?
I wrote as a hobby for several years then got up the courage to join RWA when I lived in Colorado and my kids had just entered elementary school.  It was then that I set a  goal to become a published author—eight years later I achieved my goal. 

7.    Who are your favorite authors/reads?
I love Joan Johnston and you can't go wrong with a Jodi Thomas book.   Diana Gabaldon is amazing and Curtiss Ann Matlock has written some wonderful stories.  I recently discovered Billie Letts, author of The Honk and Holler Opening Soon and Where The Heart Is.

8.    Hobbies?
--I collect kitchen roosters—one can never have enough luck in the kitchen and since I'm a terrible cook I need a whole army of roosters.
--Visiting Ghost Towns…okay, I confess I watch the Dead Files on TV.
--I just finished up a number of scrapbooks for my son and daughter and I had a lot of fun doing that.  

9.    What is your dream job?
A romance writer who makes more money than I do J

10.  Do you have any favorite TV shows?
Hell on Wheels occupies  # 1 
Longmire #2
Nashville #3
Chicago Fire #4
And who can live without Big Bang! #5

11.  What’s next for you?
After The Cash Brothers I hope to sell my edutor on a three-book series for the delinquent teens in A Rodeo Man's Promise…if not you can bet whatever I wirte next will be a cowboy story.

12. Where can we find you?

12.  What would you like readers to know about you?
My secret shame—when I'm struggling with writing a scene or keeping myself in my chair I break out the Lays potato chips and Pepsi then eat and drink non-stop until I meet my goal.   

Thanks so much for participating!!!

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  1. I am so glad that Marin wrote a Christmas story. I love Christmas romances.

    1. Hi Margie--thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! I know October seems like a long way away from Christmas but I hope the story puts everyone in the holiday mood a little early this year :-)

  2. Spoke to Kim about your book. She really enjoyed it. Look forward to reading it. Christmas, twins and a good looking guy, what a combo.

    1. Hi Janet-thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! I was thrilled that Kim enjoyed my book--I had such fun writing Twins...I love it when kids win over those big, tough cowboys :-) Hope you enjoy the book, too!

  3. Loved the first book. Can't wait to read the second.

    1. Hi Jennifer--first, thank you for picking up a copy of The Cowboy Next Door I'm glad you liked Johnny's story! I hope you'll find Conway Twitty just as entertaining. It's been a bit of a challenge to try and make all these brothers stand out from one another, but I'm hoping each book gives readers a different sense/feel for each brother. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  4. Hi Marin - As you know, I loved The Cowboy Next Door! I am looking forward to reading Twins! BTW, I would go for Coke & Archer Farms chips (Target!)

  5. Hey, Sharlene--thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! I sure hope you like Conway's story just as much as Johnny's...I'm trying to make all the brothers stand apart from each other :-) I'll have to try the Archer Farms...I'm in Target enough now all I have to do is remember to look for them!

  6. Loved the interview because I love learning new things about authors. Also your books sound really good and I can't wait to read them....^_^.

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  8. Such a fun to read interview :) Loved the first book of the Cash Brothers series and after reading Twins ... well, I want some of my own and I'd take Cash in a heartbeat too LOL