Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pat Sheppard's review of LOGAN BELLE'S NOW OR NEVER

Trade my "Bucket List" for Claire's

The book is about the empty nest syndrome.  How do you get your life back after giving it to others for so long.  Claire got pregnant in college, married the father of her child, divorced him later and then reared her only child for the next twelve years by herself.  Now baby boy is off to college and Claire does not know what to do with herself.  Especially how to water the dead roots of her sex life and bring forth fruit.  Claire hasn't dated; much less had sex in twelve years. Where do you start when you have only had one man in your entire life?  To dampen things more Claire is diagnosed with breast cancer and must make decisions about what to do with her body.  Her first visit to a cancer support group has her accidentally sitting in on an exotic reading group.  That night sets Claire on the adventure of her life.  She meets Justin a younger male who sets her on a path of rediscovery. Claire finds herself attracted to Justin buts thinks he is a little to young.  Talking with her makes her feel good so after a few meetings she tells him her story.   Justin designates himself to become her wing-man to find her G spot again.  A wing-man is a person who doesn't mind hanging with you to do sane or crazy things.  The wing-man is the one who watches out for you. With the help of a bucket list Justin helps her write, Claire sets out to find out if she is still sexy, desirable and ready to move on to better things.  My bucket list has things to do with fixing up my house.  Claire's bucket list includes kissing a stranger, watching people have sex, and STOP why am I telling you.  Do your own list, then read the book and see how your list compares to Claire's.  Not going to tell you how many on Claire's list I can cross off.


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