Friday, October 25, 2013

GUEST REVIEWER JESS HOLLOWS REVIEW OF, The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy Book 1) by Primula Bond

In the first book of the Unbreakable Trilogy, readers are introduced to Serena Folkes. Serena is a young woman who has just walked off the train in London after leaving her dark childhood home and a long term boyfriend in hopes of achieving her dream of having her photography discovered. On her first night in London, Halloween, Serena is photographing trick or treaters when she meets the mysterious Gustavo Levi. Gustav is only a complete mystery for a short while as Serena discovers that he owns many art galleries. Of course, he would love to help her dream as long as she will help him in return.

The deal is made that Gustav will showcase Serena's work until Christmas, or the last photo sells whichever occurs first, as long as she agrees to be his companion and help him get over his ex wife. In agreeing to the deal, Gustav gives Serena a bracelet that attaches to a thin chain. This chain physically and symbolically empowers him over her during their contract. Like other books in this genre, Gustav has many layers that must be peeled away and this contract allows Serena to explore her sexual tastes while they both deal with their paste demons.

Overall, this was a quick and enjoyable read. There were a few times when the scene seemed out of place. For instance, the first night that Serena stays with Gustav, she has a dream in which she is a sex slave watching the same act she just performed with Gustav, yet it was in a past era. It was only after a page or so that it is shown as a dream and I thought that it may be a separate character or past life being shown. Perhaps Gustav's secret was that he actually had a woman chained in the how who was watching he and Serena. What made this disjointed to me was that no other dream scene occurred in the book. At times, it felt as if the author was rushing the plot to get to the next steamy part. I am looking forward to the storyline and backgrounds being grout out in depth in the remaining two books.

I did enjoy that Serena chose to set out on her own and left the negativity if her past behind. She is a strong woman who did think twice before accepting Gustav's contract during a slight inward struggle of trying to make it on her own. I do hope that she keeps her spark throughout the trilogy.

Readers searching for a steamy, fast read that includes a good dose of angst with a splash of s&m will find it in the Silver Chain. The author has set up interesting characters for the beginning of a trilogy and I hope that she chooses to let their stories shine.


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