Monday, February 24, 2014


Here is one of those titles that does not quite do the book justice. The title seems to be a bit light when in fact, this story has so much more substance than the title implies. PLEASING THE PIRATE by Sharon Cullen is a wonderful tale of what desperation will make someone do. Scottish lass,  Mairi McFadden has stowed away on a pirate ship after being sent by a trusted acquaintance who tells Mairi that pirate Captain, Phin Lockwood, will help her find her brother Grant. Grant McFadden has been away from his home and people in Scotland since the uprising with the English. He is now branded a traitor to the crown by the King.

Dashing pirate, Phin Lockwood was on his last mission, but this mission was one too many, for his luck ran out when he is captured and tossed into a dungeon in England. Convinced that he is going to his death when summoned into the King's presence, Phin is given a conditional reprieve with the help of affluent friends. The terms of his release are to find the traitor, Grant McFadden and give him over to the crown. Now determined to save his own life, Phin will do anything to bring Grant McFadden to justice, even use a wee Scottish lass as bait. 

What Phin does not count on, is this wee Scottish's lass' resolve to find her wayward brother and bring him back to Scotland to care for the people he abandoned on his quest for his hatred against the English. Mairi's strong will is an attraction for the pirate who has seen it all and when Mairi makes an indecent proposal to Phin, the lass has Phin's head spinning.

PLEASING THE PIRATE by Sharon Cullen is an adventure with intrigue and romance. Phin Lockwood has so more more to lose than just his life if he fails in his mission for the King. he is strong, intelligent and committed. Mairi is a fish out of water at first, with her skewed view on the English in general brought about by the injustices done to Scotland and her people and by the brother Grant, whose hated borders on insanity. When Mairi sees first hand that Grant was not all correct in his estimation of the English, especially those who have opened their hearth and homes to her, she begins to think her brother may be fighting the wrong fight. Mairi is no simpering female. She resolves to right injustice, even if it means the loss of her only family. Both Phin and Mairi are such fabulous characters and they play off each other so well. Their stark differences in upbringings only add to their plights and make the ending all so sweeter than expected. 

PLEASING THE PIRATE is the fabulous follow-up to THE NOTORIOUS LADY ANNE by Sharon Cullen and can be read as a stand-alone, although it's so much more fun to know more about all those characters by reading their beginnings. I highly recommend this historical romance. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.


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