Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Nicknamed "Blue Eyes" by all the soldiers on base in Afghanishtan, Medevac pilot, Chief Warrant Officer, Sarah Benson shoots down every man who makes unsubtle attempts to hit on her. This feisty lady has to work twice as hard as her male counterparts and still gets razzed by most of them, even though she consistently flies a Black Hawk into dangerous combat territory to rescue injured soldiers and bring them to safety. Sarah steers clear of men due to her troubled past and has difficulty trusting letting anyone in. 

Petty Officer, Ethan Quinn is a Navy SEAL. When he first sets his eyes on Blue Eyes she is sitting alone at a table across from him in the canteen. She captivates him immediately and he wonders how he can show her he's not like the other vulgar men surrounding her. When Ethan stumbles upon Sarah attempting to fight off and attacker bent on assault and rape, Ethan bursts into action by knocking the soldier unconscious and taking Sarah for medical attention, thus becoming her hero and giving Ethan an open to getting to know her.

Sarah begins to realize that Ethan Quinn is not your standard issue SEAL. There is a depth to him that she wants to delve into even though she's skittish. Every morning when Sarah awakens, she finds letters from Ethan filled with beautiful poetry, which makes her yearn to have what she thinks she can't have. Ethan worms his way into her heart as smoothly as he possibly can and almost breaks through the wall Sarah has built around herself, but that devil on her shoulder always tries to remind her that she isn't good enough even when Ethan is certain that Sarah is his angel.

Risk Taker by Lindsay McKenna is a wonderful story teeming with action and budding romance. Outwardly strong Sarah has her inner pain that the true hero, Ethan will do anything to heal. Ethan is the most honorable and understanding character, I adore him. Sarah's turmoil is deep, but through it all the officer in her takes over and gets done what needs to be done. This is my first venture into reading a Lindsay McKenna book but I have already clicked that pre-order button for the next story involving Sarah and Ethan because Risk Taker was just that good.


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  1. I love potato chips also and the onion dip has to be Lipton soup mix and sour cream. Marin you fit right in with the rest of us. Hope to meet you in person some day. I like reading cowboys, they have the rugged draw to them.