Thursday, February 27, 2014


Tara oh Tara, how impetuous you can be. Having made Tara Davidson's acquaintance in the first THE BRIDES OF WISHMORE book, THE BRIDE SAYS NO by Cathy Maxwell, we find Tara to be somewhat spoiled and headstrong. Why, this lady ran away from London on the cusp of her wedding because of her refusal to marry a man she did not love. Lucky for her sister Aileen, who happily ended up with Tara's would-be groom and a perfect match in the end. In the second installment of  THE BRIDES OF WISHMORE series, THE BRIDE SAYS MAYBE, Tara is still "in love" with horse master extraordinaire, Ruary and she will stop at nothing to convince him  that she is the woman for him... Oh but wait! Ruary is engaged to be married to a local girl. So the plot thickens...

Once again the Earl of Tay, substandard gambler and even more deficient father, has brokered a marriage for his daughter. This time the groom in question is Annefield's neighbor, Breccan Campbell who has paid the Earl for the "privilege" of his lovely daughter's hand, but Tara is still in love with Ruary, the common horse expert who even does business with Campbell. She is clearly opposed to any union with her wealthy neighbor, even if it will get her rogue of a father out of his financial straits. Breccan Campbell is known interestingly as the " Beast of Aberfeldy" and he is no simpering man of the ton. Breccan Campbell is a force to be reckoned with and he knows that Tara is going to be quite the challenge to win over, but he is completely up for that.

I must say that going into a story where I was in DISLIKE of the heroine was quite an interesting proposition for me. This is where the unique talent that author Cathy Maxwell has comes into play with her plot twists and her distinctive sense of humor, which inevitably melts the ice around that DISLIKE. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a uber awesome alpha hero like Breccan Campbell as well, who is now one of my permanent Book Boyfriends. This book has it all, adventure, a touch of mystery and a fabulous romance between this seemingly unlikely pair. It is such a pleasure to see such a spoiled little lass like Tara see the light, especially when such a strong and entertaining Breccan is the one to show Tara that light. Grab your copy of THE BRIDE SAYS MAYBE... and your copy of the BRIDE SAYS NO  for that matter. I promise, you won't be disappointed.



  1. That is an amazing review! I enjoy reading other reviews of books I love to find that common element that draws us to the plot .. and author. As you know, Kimberly, Cathy Maxwell rocks on the pages and in person!

  2. I definitely want to read this series! Thanks for the great review!