Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#CMCon16 Quickfire Q&A with featured author CARRIE ANN RYAN

The Book Obsessed Chicks had the pleasure of meeting
 Carrie Ann Ryan for the first time at Lora Leigh's RAW conference in Pittsburgh, PA back in October of 2013. With Carrie Ann's vivacious personality and her sizzling stories, she has quickly become a favorite author to many. 
Carrie Ann Ryan will be a featured author at the
 Coastal Magic Convention
 in Daytona Beach, Florida from February 4th to the 7th of 2016.

1.     Morning, noon or night? NIGHT
2.     How do you like your steak? Medium Rare
3.     If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Colorado – Home
4.     What did you eat for breakfast? Coffee and a protein shake.
5.     What is your favorite cuisine? Anything from Asia.
6.     What kind of car do you drive? A Honda CRV
7.     What are your favorite clothes? Leggings and cute tops! Or cute dresses.
8.     Where would you want to retire?
9.     Gold or Silver? Silver or White Gold
10.   Where were you born? Germany
11.   What is your favorite sport to watch? Swimming
12.   Do you have any pets? 4 Cats: Miley, Maxie, Cane, and Bingo
13.   Any new or exciting news you'd like to share?
14.   Nickname? Carebear
15.   What is your best childhood memory? Moving around the world
16.  Favorite color? Pink
17.   Any pet peeves? Being Late
18.   Work out preferences? I do T25 every night.
19.   Favorite Flower? Lilies
20.   Like your job? LOVE it.
21.   Last Person you went to dinner with?  Dr. Hubby.
22.   What are you watching right now? Angel (Yay for Netflix!)
23.   How many tattoos do you have? Eight!
24.   Are you in love? Totally. Every day.

Carrie Ann Ryan at her first Convention (RAW 2013) She was a #BOC FIRST!

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  1. Hi Carrie Ann. It was great meeting you at that RAW.