Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Book Birthday Bliss! Adam (Devils on Horseback: Generations #1) by Beth Williamson

Ok I admit it, when the Devils On Horseback series ended, as with any beloved series conclusion, I felt a pang of sadness. Getting to know each and every one of Beth Williamson's rough and rugged character was an adventure that kept me coming back for more. Well now, Ms. Williamson has brought us DEVILS ON HORSEBACK: GENERATIONS! 

The first book, ADAM, introduces us to the beloved Jake and Gabrielle Sheridan's son, who yearns for a life beyond the family mill he is expected to take over someday. Adam doesn't know the struggles his parents and those before him went through to build a secure home for their children. Adam wants more.

Eve Tate has never had a stable life, she basically has become a gypsy after escaping a unsavory life under the thumb of a disreputable and repugnant person. Now Eve tries to put that past behind her and find a place where she can belong. Stumbling upon Adam Sheridan changes this woman's life forever when she is brought into the Sheridan family fold which includes a multitude of members all seeking to protect their own.

Adam never knew what hit him when he almost hit Eve on the road, but with life's twists and turns and perhaps lessons to spurn a maturity that just lingers below the surface, Adam can transform himself into the man he is supposed to be along with the help of one mysterious woman named Eve.

Do not miss ADAM, by the indomitable Beth Williamson. This venture into new territory is fresh and fast paced while giving us a look into how our original DEVILS are. Ms. Williamson puts her heart into this as she does with everything she writes and with the DEVILS ON HORSEBACK: GENERATIONS series, we get to share in the new adventure.


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