Friday, December 4, 2015

The Christmas Wager (A Happy Christmas #1) by Delilah Marvelle

Sixteen years of her life was spent in an orphanage, left there by her unmarried mother, shortly after she was born. When her uncle, the wealthy Mr. Barrington finally discovers Felicity's whereabouts, he wastes no time in sending for her. Leaving her best friend, the gypsy Marigold behind is a difficult thing for Marigold has told Felicity a tale of wonder including a key,a ruby ring, ghosts and a duke, and how she is destined for a great future if she chooses the right ruby ring.

Barrington's neighbor, the nouveau riche Redstone family, have moved from America to England where the elder Barrington can conduct his business. The heir, Maxwell Redstone has a zest for life like no other young man can equal. He lives his life to the fullest knowing that one day he must settle down and do right by his family. Not quite in a rush to settle down, but still yearning to find the one young lady who could care less about the money and more about the man, Maxwell awaits for his future as well.

One the evening of a rowdy Barrington fete, the young Felicity ventures out of her new home into the snow, drawn out by the ghost of her mother, she follows her to the neighbors, where she reluctantly meets the Barrington heir as he sits out an open window with a bottle of gin, contemplating life. Max becomes enamored immediately by the young lady who at first opens up to his charm but soon finds him to be a typically disappointing man. Over the next few years, these two constantly spar, even while Max attempts to woo Felicity. Then one day, Max leaves England and heads for an adventure which has him away for years.

Now Max has finally returned from his travels only to find Felicity almost engaged to a duke. What can be done to open up her eyes and see the treasure that has been in front of her for years? Well you must read Delilah Marvelle's THE CHRISTMAS WAGER to find out!

Well done Ms. Marvelle. THE CHRISTMAS WAGER is something totally different and completely enchanting. From the minute Max is introduced, he had me in his corner. Understandably, Felicity at sixteen, and just having acquired a new home and her family, is in no place to choose her future so quickly. Maturity is most definitely a theme and what must be obtained by both Max and Felicity and that quest makes this story so enchanting. 


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  1. Putting this on my list. I haven't read anything by this author! Thanks for the review!