Sunday, August 21, 2016


Monique's Review

Hadley and Evangeline had planned to elope. They were madly in love, but Evangeline’s family wanted her to marry well; they were not well off, and neither was Hadley, the second son of a duke. Five years later, and Hadley has not forgotten Evangeline’s betrayal. Back in London, and now a rich widow, Evangeline needs to know if Hadley still wants to marry her. She still loves him, but what about Hadley? Hadley has more pressing preoccupations: the Libertine Scholars, of which he is a member, are getting closer to nabbing the slippery foe that has been making their life hell. Hadley doesn’t need the distraction of the beautiful Evangeline… 

Where to begin? A TASTE OF SEDUCTION is the most recent book in The Disgraced Lords, and although it is a continuing story that began in book 1, it is such a fabulous book that even if a little extra work would be needed on the part of a newcomer to this series, every effort will be richly rewarded. This series has been excellent from the start, and I think A TASTE OF SEDUCTION might be the best of the lot. Bronwen Evans’ characters are always superb, and Hadley and Evangeline are simply phenomenal, as are Augustus – Hadley’s older brother – and Arend, whom we had previously encountered. In A TASTE OF SEDUCTION, there is more action than ever, it’s one plot twist after the next, and there are shocking revelations. As for Hadley and Evangeline, their love story is one of the most beautiful and touching I have ever read: their love is so pure and true, no heart will be left untouched, and the sex scenes are exquisite and filled with tenderness. The prose is gorgeous, the dialogues impeccable, and seldom has an author been able to convey emotions with such power and sincerity.

A TASTE OF SEDUCTION is a grand love story, tremendously exciting, and the wonderful, fabulous ending promises for the next book to be at least as brilliant! 



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