Friday, September 9, 2016

A Spring Deception by Jess Michaels

Miss Celia Fitzgilbert is more than a tad wary of after her engagement to a titled gentleman is broken, leaving her more relieved than distraught. After all, her breaking that engagement assisted her sister in finding true love with the brother of her former fiance. Now watching her sister, Rosalinde and husband Grey constantly fawn over one another, Celia feels saddened, wondering if she will ever experience that kind of love.

When Aidan, the Duke of Clairemont, makes and unprecedented return to society after  being hidden away for many years, the ton is all aflutter. Even Miss Celia Fitzgilbert is impressed by the handsome gentleman who at first meeting evokes feelings within she never knew possible. But all is not as it seems with the resurrected duke, for when the actual Duke of Clairemont, who was suspected of treasonous activities winds up bludgeoned to death, the crown sends in its best spy, John Dane, to masquerade as the duke and discover the who is behind the illegal activities.

Playing his part all too well, Aidan falls for Claire so deeply, that all could be the end of him. But no matter how hard he tries to keep his feelings at bay, Celia makes him desire her more than anyone or anything in his life to date. Celia has already been through so much heartache in her life. With her evil grandfather holding the identity of Rosalinde's and her father for ransom and the only way for her to discover who their father is, would be to marry a titled gentleman, the Duke of Clairemont would be not only the answer to her heart's desire, but the answer to the burning question. 

A SPRING DECEPTION, the second book in the SEASON'S  series by the wonderful author, Jess Michaels is a brilliant intriguing suspense and well as sizzling romance. I have adored every book I have read by Ms. Michaels so far, but this book is definitely a favorite with it's twists and turns. This book has me biting nails and swearing throughout as Celia, so completely deceived but so deeply desired discovers she cannot take everything in front of her for fact. Aidan/John is a fascinating character with a past that will melt hearts. A SPRING DECEPTION by Jess Michaels is a tale, not to be missed.


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