Sunday, September 4, 2016

Only For His Lady (The Theodosia Sword Book 1) by Christi Caldwell

***Please note, "Only For His Lady" was previously featured in the "With Dreams Only of You" collection. It now features a prologue and epilogue!It is an approximately 30,000 word novella. 

Generations of strife between two families stemming from the theft of a broadsword is theme for this inventive and entertaining tale by talented author, Christi Caldwell.

Ever since the Rayne family lost the Theodosia broadsword  to the Renshaw family, who stole it many years prior, the Raynes have had nothing but bad luck in so many aspects of their lives. Now, Lady Theodosia Rayne, who takes her namesake to heart, is determined to retrieve that which was stolen from her family and restore some luck and perhaps some happiness.

Damian Renshaw, the current Duke of Devlin, is formidable man. He incites fear in many due to his reputation and an ugly scar marring his otherwise handsome visage. Usually bored  with the balls held at his home, this time something catches his attention. Well maybe not something, but someone, attired in masquerade wear attempting to look like a man, but clearly a woman with generous assets.  His interest piqued, Damian follows the woman and discovers her in the midst of a mess, trying to steal his sword.

At first Theodosia has no idea she has been cornered by the Devil Duke himself, thinking he is assistance, sent by a friend to abscond with the broadsword. When she realizes he is one of the enemy, she clearly states her purpose without fear or chagrin. Damian is fascinated by the fearless Theodosia and allows her to escape. And so begins the cat and mouse game between the Devil Duke and his not so unwilling prey.  

Now if that doesn't grab your attention and make you one-click this wonderfully written story, I don't know what will. ONLY FOR HIS LADY is a novella that packs a full story into few words. Ms. Caldwell grabs the reader's attention and doesn't let go. The Devil Duke and Theodosia are brilliant characters with great personalities, and their tale just may might just mean the end of a feud, but you need to read it to find out!


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