Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Dark Sword Series by Donna Grant

Several weeks ago, I began reading historical romances. Now mind you, I have only been reading them for a few months. I never thought I would enjoy them. After finding Donna Grant through Facebook, I picked up Donna Grant’s first Dark Sword novel “Dangerous Highlander” and realized this book was a historical romance with a twist. “Dangerous Highlander quickly drew me into the world of the cursed McLeod brothers, Lucan, Fallon and Quinn and a particularly evil Druid/witch (literally) named Deirdre.

In “Dangerous Highlander,” we find the immortal McLeod brothers sequestered for the most part in their castle. They have had little contact with the outside world in all that time in order to hide from Deirdre. Outsiders think the castle is haunted and all fear approaching… all but the young and beautiful Cara. When Lucan saves Cara from death, their lives become irreversibly intertwined. Lucan finds cannot resist Cara. Together they face danger when Deirdre finds the McLeod brothers by way her evil creatures called wyrran and the Warriors she has bound to her. Can Cara who was supposed to take vows as a nun, and Lucan, a more than 300-year-old Warrior find true love?

Donna Grant’s paranormal twist on hot Highlanders made this a book I could not put down until it was completely finished. I became a Dark Sword fan from chapter 1.

"Forbidden Highlander" is Fallon McLeod's story. Fallon is the eldest McLeod and should have been the Laird of the McLeod clan had Dierdre not cursed the brothers. In "Forbidden Highlander", the proud and fierce Fallon meets his equal in Warrior Larena Monroe. She is evidently the only female Warrior and would be a prize for the evil Dierdre to have in her clutches. Their mutual attraction leads to fiery story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of the McLeod brother's quest to vanquish their nemesis Dierdre. I found Fallon and Larena to be one couple to be reckoned with and could not wait for the next story. I finished this novel about a week before the next " Wicked Highlander" was released on November 2, 2010.

I eagerly awaited the release of this book on the 2nd of November. Having finished Fallon's story a week prior I was going through McLeod Withdrawal. "Wicked Highlander" finds Quinn McLeod prisoner in Dierdre's mountain. The wicked Dierdre is attempting to sway Quinn over to the dark side. She wants from Quinn the one thing he finds repulsive, to give her a child to use for nefarious reasons. Here in the dark, depressing prison of Dierdre's fortress we meet the beautiful Marcail who happens to be a Druid who is seemingly impervious to Dierdre's intentions to do away with her. What Dierdre doesn't realize is that Quinn has gained notoriety as a silent strength in Dierdre's dungeon and he has Marcail to help him regain what humanity he thinks he might have lost.

What an awesome book! I was so upset when it was over and can't wait for the continuation with Hayden in "Untamed Highlander" coming on April 26, 2011.

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  1. I am backed up on reading till probably late december but i have these on my to read list

  2. I am soo in love with Donna's Highlander series! I have been counting the days to read about Broc!