Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~An Oldie But Goodie~

This one is not old to me as I have just recently started reading historical romances, but it is a goodie!

Alec MacLean, the Viscount Hunterston must marry the Earl of Covington's daughter and live scandal free for a year to inherit his family fortune. When he kidnaps the wrong girl all his plans go awry. Alec thinks he has taken the beautiful Therese Frant, but instead he ends up with the plain Miss Julia Frant, not the bride he had in mind. It turns out being married and living the scandal-free life isn't so easy after all for either, especially when they have several people waiting in the wings to sabotage all that's at stake for their own selfish means.

I definitely enjoyed this story. Karen Hawkins is a great writer I just started reading because of her latest title, Much Ado About Marriage. Like I said, I am a new historical fiction reader, but I have taken to them like a chocoholic with Godiva in front of them.

Give author Karen Hawkins a try if you haven't before, you won't be sorry.

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