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Mated (Haunted By Your Touch)

Mated is a short story that picks up after Entice Me at Twilight. There is a total of 3 different stories in Haunted by your Touch. Mated which starts on page 157. Is a great short story about Raiden and Tabitha. I really enjoyed this story and if you have read the other books than your mouth probably hit the floor with the opening of this book. It was a wonderful short story but at the same time you wish it could be so much longer so you can see so much more of Raiden and his twin brother Ronan. If you haven't tried Shayla Blacks Doomsday Brethren then you really need to try it then. She is a wonderful writer and keeps you hook and wanting so much more. Here is the write up for Mated that is in the book Haunted by your touch. Page 157-280. If you have read Mated or any of the other Doomsday Brethren books let us know how you felt about them. Enjoy.

“Mated” is touchingly poignant, passionately affecting and adds a fascinating installment to the Doomsday Brethren series.” ~ Single Titles

“Black’s ‘Mated’ will entice you to read more about her series, The Doomsday Brethren, if you haven’t already.” ~ RT Book Review

“Black’s ‘Mated,’ linked to her Doomsday Brethren series (Possess Me at Midnight, etc.), is sexy and exciting, featuring a well-matched couple in a world of warrior magicians trying to protect themselves and mankind.” ~ Publishers Weekly

“This book is HOT! Three very seductive, steamy, suspenseful stories in one book had me riveted. Shayla Black takes us on an emotional ride…” ~ Seduced by Books

Top Pick! "This was a fabulous collection of short urban fantasy/paranormal romance reads." ~ Night Owl Romance

“With stories sure to tempt you to the dark side, look for this engaging anthology.” ~ Romance Reviews Today


Chapter 1
“Mathias attacked the Lowery estate and burned it to the ground. The family is dead.”
Raiden Wolvesey staggered and fell against the nearby wall. Those terrible words repeated over and over in his head.
The entire family dead? Including Tabitha…and the child she’d been carrying? His child.
He’d never said good-bye, held her one last time.
The pain swept over him, fast and unmerciful, like a forest fire out of control. He struggled to stay upright, deny the news. Though he’d been witness to the aftermath of other such attacks, he refused to believe it until he saw her body himself.
After wreaking havoc on magickind for months, Mathias d’Arc, an evil wizard recently returned from exile, had been quiet for weeks, his indiscriminate raping and killing of magickind paused. He claimed to commit his crimes against the wizarding upper class, the Privileged, in the name of lifting the Deprived, magickind’s lower class, to power.
Liberation based on blood and pain and torture? Rubbish! Raiden shook his head.
“I know what you’re thinking, and you’re not going alone,” the bearer of the bad news said from the doorway.
Bram Rion. He led the Doomsday Brethren, a handful of warriors devoted to stopping Mathias. They’d taken to hiding in this series of caves like damn underground rodents scurrying for shelter. While others above them died. Like beautiful Tabitha.
Her fiery hair, her laughter, her hazel eyes…all gone?
Fury assailed him, and it was all he could do not to charge across the room and rip Bram’s blond head off. “I’m going. I have to see if there’s any way…”
Raiden raked a hand through his hair. He couldn’t even talk about the possibility of Tabitha’s death, much less accept it.
“The neighbors reported fires. When Caden and Ice—” Bram referenced two of the Doomsday Brethren’s other members—“teleported over to investigate, they found no survivors. You won’t solve anything by going there.”
“If someone had attacked Emma’s house, wouldn’t you investigate personally?” Raiden snarled, referring to Bram’s mysterious mate. She’d bonded with him, then disappeared after just one night.
Bram raised a brow. “It’s different. Tabitha wasn’t your mate. In fact, didn’t you spend last night with another woman?”
Raiden steeled himself. Yes, he had. A human whose name he couldn’t recall. And didn’t he regret that now? While trying to avoid Tabitha so she could have had a safer, better life, he’d left her to face Mathias alone.
Self-loathing ate his stomach like acid.
He shot Bram a menacing glare. “I’m going. I don’t care if you come with me or not.”
Forcing himself to concentrate, Raiden took a deep breath, centered his magic, and teleported to the Lowery estate.
The grand home lay in ruins, blackened and charred, ransacked as if someone had searched it high and low. The devastation was absolute—and like a fist in his gut. Bodies were strewn on the lawn.

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So far I've only read this story in the anthology as well, since I just finished "Entice Me at Twilight" the other day, I was eager to read on with the Brethren. I absolutely loved this story. Raiden comes into his own and Tabitha is a great addition. Enjoy "Mated"!!!!

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