Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We first meet George Upperton in Ashlyn MacNamara's debut novel, A Most Scandalous Proposal, where George's character stood out from the others as the snarky friend of the hero who gave us much in the way of sarcasm and comic relief. In A Most Devilish Rogue, George's character is more subdued and austere. This may be due to the facts that is life is not all he would like it to be. Upon his mistress, Lucy Padgett's claiming she is with his child and the appearance of Lucy's unsavory brother Roger who insists Lucy must be taken care of, George is backed in a proverbial corner. All comic relief out the window now.

George retreats to his friend, Benedict Revelstoke's home with his mother and sisters to ponder over what to do about his situation and possibly borrow money from his now happily married friend. When he comes upon a young boy struggling in the water outside the estate, George saves the little scamp and becomes acquainted with the boy, Jack and his pretty young mother, Isabelle who live in the village in a small home. Unbeknownst to George at the time, Isabelle is the daughter of an Earl who has been living in somewhat self imposed exile for the past six years, since she became pregnant and had Jack out of wedlock. 

George and Isabelle are both very attracted to one another from the start, but Isabelle must keep out of the public eye or risk exposure and possible danger to the love of her life, little Jack. In addition, George has his own set of problems in the form of the Padgett siblings who live to wreak havoc on his very existence. When young Jack is kidnapped George once again comes to the rescue to aid in the search and includes Lord Revelstoke and company, which shocks Isabelle who feels the entire of London society has shunned her since her fall from grace.

One thing that Isabelle did not count on was the humanity George and his friends have and their ability to look into a person and see their worth for who they are, not for the amount of money they may or their title. Isabelle also has a slight chip on her shoulder in believing that she doesn't deserve any kindness and therefore relegates herself to her meager existence. Young Jack is a breath of fresh air. An old man in a six year old's body. I adore him in this story and I think that he has much to do uniting two very confused individuals. A Most Devilish Rogue is a good follow-up to Ashlyn MacNamara's first read. While I loved the George in A Most Scandalous Proposal I liked his transformation into the responsible George, the one falling for Isabelle despite all the issues surrounding them both.



  1. I need to add this book to my "Buy" list.

  2. I have added this book & the series to my TBR. Thanks for the review!