Friday, August 16, 2013

TEXAS TWO STEP (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #1) by CYNTHIA D'ALBA

Six years after Mitch Landry broke off his very serious relationship with Olivia Montgomery with him using the excuse that she was very young and needed to date other people, the two are forced back into each other's company for their best friends' wedding. Much has happened in this time, both have been married and both divorced and now there's a child and a secret involved that can make or break their lives.

When the pretty blonde, Olivia, shows up at the airport to pick her ex- Mitch up at the airport she thought she might have put her feelings for the hot rancher aside. BIG MISTAKE. One look from Mitch and Olivia knows she going to be in big trouble, only thing, she has a super huge secret that she must keep from Mitch. Even though he says nothing to Olivia, Mitch is still in love with the feisty lady and when he arrives, it with hopes that they may rekindle what he basically threw aside.

Other factors may be strikes against this relationship though, such as a paleontologist ex- husband, a snot-nosed ex-wife and a cute as a button five year old. I will say no more, you just have to trust me on this and pick up Texas Two Step by Cynthia D'Alba and Texas Two Step: Prequel that gives the back-story to book one. What can I say? I picked this book up at 11pm last night as closed it on the last page at almost 3am this morning. I truly enjoyed this and I am eager to read any follow-ups to this series. Cynthia D'Alba is a great writer that keeps the reader's attention with her wit and her story. I highly recommend her reads!

Cynthia D'Alba at RT2013 KC

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