Saturday, January 4, 2014


ICE secretary, Avery Meadows is obsessed with all things in the cloak and dagger world of spying. The daughter of  pacifists dreams of spy gadgets and guns even having cats named Aston and Martin after James Bond's famous choice of cars. She dreams of taking part in helping solve an international crime and bring down the bad guy, but while her role as a secretary for  ICE brings her the knowledge of some of those crimes, it doesn't get her into the action. That is until she answers the phone late on New Year's Eve.

There is much more than meets the eye to Agent Ryan Reitano. His obsession with bringing crime lord, Enzo Chiara down is the one thing that has kept him going. After placing a phone call to ICE headquarters and asking secretary, Avery a favor, he is confused to find the beauty at the center of the action. Could Avery be a spy? Or is she just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Correction... Is Avery Meadows in the right place at the right time for Ryan Reitano?

Once the lines are drawn, Ryan realizes that he needs to protect Avery with all he has. The secretary with the photographic memory and the spunk to face any danger thrust in her direction has Agent Reitano in awe, but will that be all that is necessary to save them both from Chiara and the double-agent vying to bring the good guys down? Ryan's budding attraction for the sexy contradiction named Avery will either fizzle or ignite and Ryan isn't sure which way he should go. So much is at stake when Chiara gets too close for comfort and Ryan decides that he's rather die than let him get his evil hands on anyone in his family or the sparkling Avery.

SECRET AGENT SECRETARY by Melissa Cutler is the fabulous follow-up to TEMPTED INTO DANGER. The action begins on page one and continues to the very end of this high charged tale of espionage. The attraction between the hero and heroine sizzles from the get-go and the waiting for that climactic moment is part of the excitement. Melissa Cutler has another winner.


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  1. I am a big fan of Melissa Culter's books .. Can't wait to read this book