Monday, January 20, 2014


I can honestly say that I have never read a book quite like Michelle Willingham's TO TEMPT A VIKING before and I have to tip my hat to this ever so talented author for giving the reader a very different kind of HEA.

 Elena is Styr's wife, but after an unhappy and unfruitful marriage, Elena needs more. Her inability to give her husband a child tears at her very soul. Styr also has another on his mind and in his heart. Ragnar Olafsson has been in love with Elena forever and he stood idly by his friend as he claimed Elena for his wife. Now years later when Elena is captured by enemies, Ragnar risks his life and his heart to save the only woman he has ever loved from danger.

When both Elena and Ragnar are stranded  together Ragnar tries so hard to keep his true feelings from Elena while trying to keep her safe from their enemies and even from the husband who will break her heart when he finally seeks out his true love. Ragnar doesn't think he is worthy of her and basically has been told so all his life by those surrounding him. But not Elena, who has always been a good friend to Ragnar even when he wants so much more.

Michelle Willingham brings Vikings to life. Her take on this seldom written about culture is an emotional ride that I did not want to miss and I hope everyone will enjoy. Her alpha males sizzle and make the reader want to go back in time to be right there and the women are no shrinking violets in this turbulent time. Elena is just as capable as any man and her will to survive is the key for her and Ragnar.  I clearly enjoyed this book and I think you will as well!


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