Friday, January 3, 2014


American heiress, Katherine Wright, has been sent overseas to England to catch a titled husband. It isn't her idea. mind you, but her parents'. Katherine accompanies her ailing mother to Brighton and in her boredom decides to dress as a lady's maid so she won't be bothered on the boardwalk.

From his window, Lord Graham Spencer sees the vision of the beauty and seeks her company out. Instead of being forthcoming and telling each other who they in truth are, they concoct false identities, for Katherine would be ruined if she is seen alone out and about and Lord Spencer could never be seen in the company of a maid. Posing as a valet, Graham accompanies the maid around Brighton and they share an eye-opening kiss that neither can get out of their minds.

Both parties involved have an attraction to one another that shines through the deception, but when the truth finally comes out, both parties feel betrayed. Katherine knows in her heart that Graham is the man for her, but Graham is in need of an heiress with more money than Katherine possesses to care for his dilapidated home and the people under his charge and he has the one with the funds in his grasp. Does he want this other heiress though? Can she light the fire that he already holds for Katherine? Ahhhhh the dilemma!

Oh this book, WHEN A LORD NEEDS A LADY by Jane Goodger, brings out such emotion, between wanting to flog both the hero and heroine at any given time or hug them. This tale is a roller coaster of a ride. Katherine and Graham are two very intelligent and capable characters, but stubborn at the same time. Then we have the meddling mamas who add to the mix of emotions and make one glad that in this day and age decisions like the one Graham has to make hopefully don't still exist. Miss Goodger is a very good writer than keeps the reader very interested. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it highly. 


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