Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Kiss for Lady Mary (The Marriage Game #6) by Ella Quinn

Mary Tolliver has been hiding from an unscrupulous cousin who wants to marry her for her dowry. All Mary wants is to marry for love and if she can't have that, she would rather be alone. If she can stay hidden for a year, until she reaches her majority, she will be free to live as she sees fit. After a close call with her cousin, Mary's unconventional grandmother devises a plan for Mary to live on an estate as the absent owner's imaginary wife.

Bachelor Kit Featherton runs from the idea of marriage but when he discovers that an impostor is parading around his estate as his wife he rushes to the long untended estate to find his "wife" taking care of all he should have been. When he finds Lady Mary is much more than the poser he thought, he mindset changes and he begins to see a future with this woman. Lady Mary, however is holding out for love or nothing at all and if Kit Featherton thinks that his roguish good looks will sway her, he is very wrong. 

With a little help from Mary's and Kit's grandmothers and their matchmaking scheme, the chase is on to see if Mary indeed will become the wife in fact or will she take on a season she never had and find another suitor. 

A Kiss For Lady Mary by Ella Quin is the sixth installment of The Marriage Game series and it is a delightful read. There are more than a few times that I would have quite enjoyed smacking both Kit and Mary in the head and yelled "snap out of it". This hard-headed pair has such a time admitting what they have is the real thing that it's frustrating to sit back and watch and not be able to intervene. I adore Kit's sense of honor and his protective stance when it came to Mary and her awful cousin and I do admire Mary's aptitude and intelligence. A Kiss For Lady Mary is a well calculated chase that is a charm to read.


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