Monday, May 4, 2015

Sinful (Bitter Creek #13) by Joan Johnston

Unbeknownst to either one, Connor Flynn and Eve Grayhawk had crushes on one another during high school, but instead of them exploring that crush back in the day, Connor ends up with Eve's best friend. Connor marries, starts a family and loses his wife while he is serving his country. All this time however, each has still held that flame for the other deep within their hearts. This poignant tale of second chance at love begins when widower and  former Delta sergeant, Conner Flynn returns to Wyoming and must fight his in-laws for custody of his son and daughter. 

A family feud between the Flynns and the Grayhawks has been going on for what seems like an eternity and when Eve testifies on Connor's behalf her father isn't thrilled with her. Things are about to change big time due to the fact that her father, King, has basically handed over the ranch to the son who abandoned the ranch decades before, leaving his daughters without the only home they have ever known. More personal for Eve, her brother wants the horses she rescued from certain death off the ranch immediately.

In the meantime, with Eve's testimony, Connor now has his son and daughter back in his home but the kids are he are having a tough time adjusting. Having not spent much time with their father, the children are bereft until Aunt Eve is called to help them with their fears. Connor knows he can't go it alone and when Eve divulges her issues to him, Connor thinks the only solution to both of their problems is to marry.

Marriage to Connor is something Eve has always dreamed about, but marriage to him without the assurance of love makes her hesitate. Add to that the resistance from their families creating more hurdles for this couple to overcome. With patience and understanding Connor and Eve begin to build a relationship that has taken decades to come to fruition, but without admitting their true feelings all could go to waste. 

Ok don't shoot me, but Sinful is the very first book I have had the pleasure to read in the Bitter Creek series by Joan Johnston. That being said, I have already added all the previous books to my must read list. This book is a breath of fresh air with it's second chance at love theme. Connor and Eve are destined to be together even if they both don't fully understand that at first. The circumstances surrounding their lives make them a strong pair. Eve is a force to be reckoned with and I adore her for it. The honorable man Connor is has a big part in why I love this book in the first place. Just the fact that he was able to ask Eve to marry him in the way he did and then proceed to try to be the best man who could possibly be, makes his character hold a special place in my heart. Sinful by Joan Johnston is a wonderful read and I hope you all think so as well.


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