Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Twice a Texas Bride (Bachelors of Battle Creek #2) by Linda Broday

Working his own ranch has always been one of Rand Sinclair's fondest dreams. Finally a place all his own and near his beloved blood brothers, Rand struggles to put his past behind him. but it's a difficult thing to do when there are constant reminders of his time in the orphanage. Feeling broken makes a man not want to share his future with anyone, and Rand has vowed to never marry. 

Callie Quinn has not had a stellar life. After her precious sister marries a criminal, their lives inevitably end up troubled. Callie's sister dies, presumably by her husband's hands, but before her last breath, she begs Callie to take her son Toby and run. Callie runs to the only place with any good memories, the home she and her sister were raised. The home no longer her family's, Callie and Toby take refuge in the barn during a Winter storm, only to be discovered by the new owner, Rand.

Callie trusts no one, but Toby has taken ill and she needs Rand to help. Rand opens his home and his heart to the strangers who are obviously hiding things from him, but deep down he knows he must help, no matter what those secrets Callie holds tight. Rand offers for Callie to be the very much needed cook that his ranch needs and she takes the job, but with reservations. She needs to keep Toby out of his father's hands and running is the only way to get the job done.  Bit by bit both Callie and Rand cautiously open their minds and hearts to one another but they both have those inner issues nipping at their heels.

Danger soon comes calling in the form of Toby's outlaw father and uncles, but once Rand has claimed Callie and Rand as his own, nothing will stop him from protecting what is his. Will Callie trust Rand enough to allow him to be the man he wants to be, Will she be able to overcome the losses she has had to endure to allow Rand in? Find out by reading Twice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday!

Twice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday is the second story in the Bachelors of Battle Creek series. I really enjoyed both Rand and Callie's characters, although I must admit to wishing I could swat Callie in the head a few times. I found Rand to be an awesome hero. Once he finds he can't live without Callie and Toby he is quite the determined man. The plot is a wonderful one but the pacing is a tad slow. My mind began to wander at times and I had to make myself come back. Once the action picks up it's really a great ride!


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