Monday, May 11, 2015

No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns) A Novella by Jess Michaels

Some of the advantages of being friends with a duke as well as being the manager of his elite gentleman's club, is being invited to his parties where the ton gather. Paul Abbott also enjoyed the ability to be able to catch glimpses of the woman he has had feelings for going on two years. 

Georgina Hickson is very much the proper miss. Leaving her life plans to her father is a trial she can no longer endure. For  some time she has garnered hidden emotions for Mr. Abbott and the time has come for those emotions to come to light. Georgina's attraction to Paul is a revelation for the man who feels she is too above him for a relationship to work. Leave it to a woman whose passion has been sparked to fight for what she ultimately wants, especially when the thought of an arranged marriage hangs over her head. 

No Gentleman for Georgina by the indomitable Jess Michaels is a wonderful continuation in the Notorious Flynns saga. This novella is teeming with passion, desire and fulfilment. Paul Abbott has always been a distinctive character in the previous tales and this tale and finally he gets his day in the sun. Georgina is superb. Once the lady knows her mind, there is no stopping her. Every word Ms. Michaels puts to the page is a joy to read. No Gentleman for Georgina may be a novella but it is a memorable one that will capture your attention and make you believe in love.


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