Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I've put off reading Scott Hildreth for awhile, several of my friends and fellow reviewers fell in love with his writing, but I'm not a big fan of MC romances.  I bought his books, they were stored in my Kindle but I just couldn't bring myself to read them.  When Money Shot released a couple of weeks ago and Scott so passionately posted that he thought this was his best book ever (and I had heard nothing but glowing things about his other work), when friends and other readers kept posting about how much they loved this book I knew it was time for me to step up to the plate and read his work.  I did something I rarely do and I started with Money Shot because of what he and others had said about it and I'm really glad I did. After reading it, I'm sure his other work is probably fantastic as well but Money Shot for me was an awesome romance. The strong characters, a love that develops over time through friendship and understanding, great dialog, steamy and raunchy sex scenes and two people who needed each other more than either of them realized made this a book impossible to put down and made me jump on the "I LOVE Scott Hildreth" bandwagon.

Sienna and Vince meet in a unique way and while Sienna is immediately attracted, Vince following a very nasty divorce doesn't trust women and has decided he really doesn't need them in his life.  Vince is a loner and while he is part of the Selected Sinners MC he pretty much keeps to himself with the exception on mandatory club meetings and runs.  Vince is kind of a renaissance man in that he believes in keeping promises, honesty is paramount to him and he loves to read all kinds of books.  Despite his job as a strong arm that does collections, he really has a gentle soul and it is so apparent when he has Sunday dinners with his mother.  I loved Sienna; she's had a lot happen in her life, things that might have broken weaker people but she's made the best of it and has remained optimistic.  Despite her questionable taste in men, she enjoys her life and loves her work as a book reviewer.  I love that she is unapologetic about her sexuality and that she speaks her mind always.  When Vince walks into her life she wonders if he will be the one for her; the one she's read about and dreamed about.

I appreciated the friendship these two had before they moved into a physical relationship.  They learned so much about one another and had a strong foundation on which to build.  Most of all I loved that they celebrated the uniqueness of each other fully.  That's not to say they didn't have some issues, especially one big one due to a pig headed man, but even when they had issues they were never far from each other's mind.
While we see a few members of the MC in this book, they are background with the exception of one who is like a father figure to Vince and another who helped him see the light and was kind of a guardian angel to both Vince and Sienna.  Never in this book was the romance on the back burner; their friendship, courtship and their relationship was front and center the whole time and for that I thank this author immensely.

From the minute I started this book until the minute I finished I was totally immersed in author Scott Hildreth's world largely due to his writing style and compelling characters.  I loved this book and while I am sorry it took me so long to finally give in and read one of his works, I really don't think I could have started with a better book; it was simply a fantastic and beautifully told romance.



  1. Sounds like a great book, the review was excellent. Now I have another author to read, thanks Slick

  2. Thank you for giving the book a chance. And what a well thought out and presented review. Sienna would be proud of you.

    1. Scott, thanks for popping over and commenting! Congrats on this book