Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lucky Shot (The Montana Hamiltons #3) by B.J. Daniels

After reading LUCKY SHOT by B.J. Daniels, I find that I am consistently in awe of this woman and the things going on in her mind.

Crack reporter, Max Malone is in it for the story, pure and simple. When he grabs a photo of presidential candidate Buckmaster Hamilton with the former wife who has come back from the dead after twenty two years, he knows he has the money shot. After some in depth research, he also finds a photograph which possibly links Sarah Hamilton to a militant group  Max seeks out Hamilton's photographer daughter Kat to confirm or deny the identity in the photo and from there, things go haywire.

It it fact or not that Sarah Hamilton has lost all memory of the passed twenty two years? Buckmaster Hamilton's campaign to the White House may just have gone completely awry in light of the all goings on with the Hamilton clan. Holding this family together is quite the job for Buckmaster and his six daughters, especially when his current wife attempts to delve deep into first wife Sarah's background and puts all in danger.

Murder, mystery and mayhem alight LUCKY SHOT by the indomitable B.J. Daniels. There isn't one minute of this book that does not engage the reader's full attention. While LUCKY SHOT can be read as a stand alone, I strongly suggest the reader start at WILD HORSES and slide into LONE RIDER with stealth. These books, along with LUCKY SHOT will make you a B.J. Daniels fan if you have never read her before and you will come back time and time again for more.



  1. oh I loved this one as well. First time reading this author and I am not hooked. I can't wait for the next one though, especially with that ending right?

  2. Great write up on the book..I just adore B. J. Daniels work...So happy one of my uncles turned me on to her writing..I always anxiously await her books as they came out.