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Last Sacrifice - Book 6 By Richelle Mead (Final Book of Series)

Last Sacrifice - Book 6 By Richelle Mead (Final Book of Series)
* Pub. Date: December 2010
* Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
* Format: Hardcover , 496pp (it's really 594pages)
* Age Range: Young Adult
The astonishing final novel in Richelle Mead's epic series!

Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa first in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between them.
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Ok here goes and hopefully i can do this with out any spoilers. LOL!
First and foremost all i need to say is Wow Richelle Mead is a awesome writer. She blew this one out the water. Richelle Mead you are awesome and a very talented writer. Last Sacrifice is by far my favorite book out of the 6. Any way i can talk you into doing one more for this series!?!?!?!

Last Sacrifice is by far my favorite book. I loved the ending and i really wish we could have one more to see what happens after this book, but Mrs. Mead said no more :(  BUT she is doing the spin off. All i know is i was WAY off on my predictions other than 2 things. Ok lets start at the beginning Dimitri OMG he rocked this book and my heart just melted even more for him. Sorry Adrian. LOL Adrian was close to Dimitri but LS took Dimitri to the top off the totem poll. Lissa was great in this book. Adrian wasn't his usual self but i guess that couldn't be helped so i felt bad for him a little. (CAN I JUST SAY I HOPE THE SPIN OFF IS HIS STORY) I love Abe's little comments in this book. Ohhhhh and there are so many twist and turns that you will never see coming. I was shocked when i got to those. If you have been watching the trailers i posted,then you know about the quotes out there and let me tell you i figured a lot of them out but there are some you are going to go OMG that person said that. WOW. Then there are ones that will make your mouth drop open. There was nothing i didn't like in this book there were a few things i wish could have been in there. Like more Abe. I just love him. I wish it would have told more of the ending like what will happen more with everyone next.Overall the book is just awesome, you will not put this book down once you start it!!. There are so many things i want to say but i don't want to spoil it for the people who haven't read it. For the people who have read it post your comments i would love to hear your thoughts and tell you mine. If you haven't started this series then get to it. I promise you wont be disappointed. One again Thanks Richelle Mead you rocked the pants off this book!!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Rose and Dimitri laying in a hotel room having H.O.T.....S.E.X.... i know its a YA series but could that seen have been longer and more um.... detailed *evil grin*

    iv made a revision I think Sydney will be the first spin off since she is in the second most trouble (after Tasha... bitch!!!! lol) but i wont rule out Victoria, I hope Rose and Dimitri travel to Baia in it, the way Viktoria and Rose left things needs some resolution i think

    speaking of Tasha i wonder if setting Rose was just the best target or that she actuallyset her up to get a shot at her and Dimitri getting a happily everafter.

  2. Hotel Room was greattttttttttttt!!! Wish it was longer to but like you said it is YA.

    I was wondering the same thing if it will be Sydney ooh we can put Adrian with her lol
    I think with Viktoria would be funny too.

    I do hope we see Rose and Dimitri in this spin off too. I want more books of them. Maybe she will change her mind and come back and do more books at a later date. Keeping fingers crossed.

    I was floored when it was Tasha i was thinking since last book it was Danielle so my mouth dropped open on that one. But i do think it was because of Jealousy.

    What do you think about the Victor thing. I was happy Rose did that but was sad about it being dark spirits causing her to do it.

    I am a little sad they are not linked anymore DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. But guess its better for Rose but now what happens with Lissa?

    Felt bad for Adrian and wish we would have had more of his usual self but i am thinking he will show up in the spin off with his true mate.

    I WANT MORE BOOKS!!!! LOL So how do you feel about those other things and sorry it took me awhile to respond!!

  3. Oh the hotel room scene, even the tent scene was great. You could feel the chemistry building between them!

    I think it should be Adrian and Jill... I don't think Sydney could ever get over her dislike of the Morio. I want the spinoff to be Mia, Eddie, Jill/Adrian, and Sydney. Those are the characters I want to know more about and see what happened to them.

    I'd love more info about Sonya and Mikhail too! I was SOOOO happpy they turned her back. It was one of the best parts of the book.

    I am very curious as to what Lissa was keeping from Jill and Rose in the end. I think it is weird there is no longer a bond, but I think they needed to do that in order for Rose and Dimitri to have some sort of life together.

    I hope hope hope Meade will address, at some point, Roza and Dimka going to see his family. I remeber his grandmother saying she hada different vision. Maybe Meade could write a story about their travels there, his family, everything.

    There are so many different directions she could go in. I loved the series and just want to read it over and over. The last book was perfect. I was so happy (even a little surprised by Tasha but in the end it made sense) with the last book. I remember being devestated in the 3rd and 4th books because of Dimka and Roza not being together. Even in the 5th book it didn't look promising.

    Their journey (as Rhonda predicted)reaffirmed all of their feeling for eachother. Just perfection.

  4. i think Sydney & Adrian in a cabin/hotel like situation could happen, moroi being evil creatures is a taught belief, i think she can over come it.

    even though i guessed Tasha, i wouldnt have guessed it back in frostbite, id like to know what changed in her to make her murder Tattiana and set rose up.

    lastly I guess their bond was the sacrifice

  5. Ok so here is the scope on the Spin off Sydney is the narrator, Jill the main character and to quote Richelle 'the male lead is going to be a big surprise. I'll only say that it's one of the love interests from Vampire Academy.' Are you excited for August yet?

    I am thinking the Love interest will be Adrian. Ok well i am hoping lol.

    I do hope Richelle Mead does show us what happens to Rose and Dimitri when they go home. I am fixing to re-read it again tomorrow to see if i missed anything lol.

    All i know is it August yet???

    So what else do you think will happen in the spin off or something else you liked in LS?

  6. i havnt got much clues, i hope the release date will be early august cause i will be in seattle around that time so maybe i can go to a book signing