Friday, December 3, 2010

‘Vampire Academy’ Breaking News: Spin-Off Series Coming Soon!

'Vampire Academy' Breaking News: Spin-Off Series Coming Soon!
No you are not having a spirit dream, "Vampire Academy" fans. You really did read that right. I was just at a luncheon with author Richelle Mead, celebrating next week's release of "Last Sacrifice," the conclusion to her series about half-vampire/half-human/all-bad-ass bodyguard-in-training Rose Hathaway. And just as I was lamenting the end of Rose's adventures with her best friend, vampire princess Lissa, and smoldering former teacher Dimitri, Richelle gave us this little gift: "Bloodlines," the first book in the spin-off series, will be coming out in August 2011.

I would share my theories about which characters this new series will probably focus on, but I can't, since I've been sworn to secrecy about anything that happens in "Last Sacrifice" until next week. Suffice it to say, the new books will give Rose a break from getting beat up and tortured while trying to save her friends and boyfriends from evil Strigoi vampires. It's someone else's turn to bring us into the royal politics of the Moroi (born vampires) and their dhampir protectors. That someone will be a character we've met already, and other of our beloved will appear in the new books, Richelle assured us.

I'll have more on "Last Sacrifice," plus an interview with Richelle Mead about the series and what's going on with the "Vampire Academy" movie, all next week.

In the meantime, fellow "VA" addicts, who do you think "Bloodlines" should be about? Do you hope the action returns to St. Vladimir's, stays in the Moroi Court or goes someplace completely different? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter.

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