Friday, November 20, 2015

Highland Heat (Highland Knights #2) by Jennifer Haymore

Jennifer Haymore is one of my favorite authors in the historical romance genre and with her latest tale, HIGHLAND HEAT, she cements her position on my list.

When Lady Grace Carrington searches the Waterloo battlefield for survivors of the last fight against Napoleon, she witnesses the devastation first hand. Overwrought with the carnage before her, she almost gives up hope of finding survivors when she literally falls upon a soldier. 

Peering into the very much alive, blue eyes of Sergeant Duncan Mackenzie is a revelation to the young woman. Helping the injured Scot to medical treatment was her intent, the kiss that happens between the pair is their desire. Nothing can come of that kiss since Grace is a member of the ton and Duncan is nothing more than a farmer's son, but the desire to have one another doesn't fade. 

When Mackenzie is given a new directive as a member of the Highland Knights, his first task is to accompany Lady Grace and her sister back to London with his superior officer, who is also Grace's brother-in-law. Placing Grace and Duncan in close proximity causes their attraction to ignite into a passion that neither could ever have imagined and a love that will endure the class separation that divides them. Will Duncan's new status as a Highland Knight bridge the gap that separates them? Will Grace give up her status and her family for Duncan, or will she set aside their love? For the answers to these questions, you need to grab HIGHLAND HEAT by Jennifer Haymore. 

I love the ease with which the talented Jennifer Haymore uses to capture my attention and keep me engrossed in her story. HIGHLAND HEAT is a wonderful tale filled with the desperation of class separation and the hope of change. Duncan Mackenzie is an  honorable giant with a heart of gold. His admiration for Grace is evident in his actions and Grace's love for him is as clear as day. The frustration of their class difference is half the journey in this eloquent tale and their discovery that those differences really don't make a difference in how they feel about one another is alluring. I am eager to read more of the HIGHLAND KNIGHTS by Jennifer Haymore.


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