Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Robinson (A Novella) by Delilah Marvelle

Well-born lady of the ton, Jane, the daughter of an earl, tosses all propriety aside for a life on the stage. In this time, she begins receiving enchanting correspondence from someone who signs the letters as Mister X. Jane becomes so enthralled with Mister X that when a gentleman claims he is Mister X, Jane marries him. During a Twelfth Night affair Jane discovers her new husband lied to her, she wants out of the two week marriage. Tragedy strikes leaving Jane a widow and for years after, she withdraws from the spotlight to live a simple life, but always yearning for Mister X.

Since he was but a lad, Martin Pierce has been in love with Lady Jane. But his youth and her ambitions separate the two friends until providence reunites the pair in friendship once again. When Martin discovers that Jane is a widow who lives in the same apartments as his recently found great aunt, he, at his aunt's urging,resolves to reacquaint himself with the lady of his heart. Now a the Sixth Duke of Somerset, Martin yearns for Jane as he never did before. Five years Jane's junior was a big difference when he was but seventeen, but now a full grown man with a mature understanding, Martin will do what he must to have her, even if admitting to being Mister X threatens to tear them apart. Can Martin convince Jane to let go of her tragic past? Will she allow him show her a passion she has never known? 

Delilah Marvelle is just one of those talented authors who makes every single book she writes memorable. MERRY CHRISTMAS MRS. ROBINSON is a timeless tale with hope and desire. Jane is a strong woman who resigns herself to simplicity after losing her hopes and dreams one fateful night, but when Martin sweeps back into her life, he awakens those hopes and dreams once more. Martin is perfection! Knowing what Jane has been through, his plans to woo her with promise of a future filled with love and passion make Martin a shining star in this beautiful story. A must read!


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