Thursday, November 5, 2015

In a Bad Way (Bad Boys of the Bay #2) by Karin Tabke

"He was a magnet to her steel. Law of attraction personified, She could kick herself for letting him get under her skin. Life was so much simpler with no complications"

I will be the very first person to admit that contemporary romance is normally not my thing, but when this lovely cherry got dangled in front of my face, I dived right in. Most notably because I adore this author, but when I read the blurb about the book, I was intrigued.

Isadora Fuentes has been working in a strip joint for a few months now, the pre-law student is in desperate need of finding the half-sister, who when asked Isa for help, was denied. When guilt set in and Isadora seeks out her sister, Alex, she finds no trace of her. Working at the Surf's Up as a scantily clad cocktail waitress is the only way to discover anything about the sister whose disappearance wasn't even noted by their politician father. The heavy handed Surf's Up manager, Russian giant, Andre puts Wild Style, Isadora's stripper name, up to the task of drugging and videoing her in a compromising position with one of the patrons for information about her sister. This little task will include actually stripping for this group of men, which Wild Style hasn't had to do in the past as a cocktail waitress, but getting info on her sister is more important than her modesty.

Special Agent Flynn Ryker makes an appearance at his friend's bachelor party at the Surf's Up and when he spots the petite but curvy spitfire stripper, his desire overrides his sanity. Flynn is sex on a stick but with an impenetrable heart, or so he thinks until Wild Style comes dancing her way into his orderly life and throws him a curve ball.

Wild Style has chosen Flynn as her mark, but the man is no idiot. When Isadora attempts to roofie Flynn, he plays along with her scheme to find out just what she's about. Wild Style's attempt at deception backfires big time and things get so super heated that it seems flames might consume this sizzling pair. Once Wild Style comes clean about her issues, the protective mode in Flynn come out full blown, Flynn however is relationship shy and  even though his attraction to Isadora is off the charts, sex with her is all he wants, or so he thinks. 

Isadora has been hurt deep down in her young life with rejection being the norm.  Now facing rejection from the first man man to show her passion may break her. But finding her sister is paramount. Alex is her only living relative and just thinking that she is in danger or hurting drives Isa. Placing herself in danger to find her sister doesn't sit well with Flynn, but Isadora is force to be reckoned with. 

Holy cow is this a great read! Karin Tabke has sucked me into her world and I don't want to leave. IN A BAD WAY is a superbly written, fast paced sexual journey not to be missed. Isadora, with all her game, is still an innocent with a whole new world in front of her, and she takes the bull by the horns. That being said, Flynn, the proverbial bull, is just as stubborn as one can be. His denial of the gift that is right in front of him, makes this reader want to take a baseball bat to his head. Hmmmm but Isa did that with a wrench! You go girl. READ THIS BOOK! That is all!


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